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Friday, June 25, 2010

Start Date : Thursday 16 July, 2011

  • SWAP Diet Coke for water
  • SWAP dessert for 1 night a week
  • SWAP meringues for 1 a week ONLY
  • SWAP dessert for Fruit and / or yoghurt
  • SWAP Take away to once a week ONLY
  • SWAP all snacks to vege sticks or fruit
  • SWAP noodles for Vege Noodles made with the Spiraliser
  • SWAP White bread for Rye / Multi or Wholegrains
  • SWAP 1 hour of sleep for 1 hour of exercise
  • SWAP a 2nd helping for fresh fruit
  • SWAP sugar cravings for a glass of water + 50 step-ups on each leg
  • SWAP mindless eating for awareness -
  1. Be aware of what I am eating - is it for fuel or is it for cravings?
  2. Be aware of how I am eating - The food's not going anywhere, do I need to slow down?
  3. Be aware of why I am eating - Am I eating my feelings?  Am I really even hungry?
  4. Be aware of when I am eating - Did I just eat? 
  5. Be aware of where I am eating - Am I watching TV?  Am I creating a bad habit? 
  • SWAP 30 mins of TV each night for planning and pre-tracking of my food
  • SWAP greasy take-away for a healthy homemade version
  • SWAP Eating the kids leftovers for NOT eating them (or having fruit instead)
  • SWAP boredom eating for a 10 min run on the treadmill

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