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A Quick Introduction

My name is Jane (nick name of Effie) and I am married to a wonderful man named Alan.  Together we have 4 beautiful children, Hayden 12, Ava 5, Christian 4 and Holly 4.  I love my family, but I have to learn to love, well at least like myself and I know that it isn’t possible while I am wearing my fat suit.

Like an idiot, it has taken me years to realise that I am the one who has been holding me back, there is NO ONE ELSE to blame, it's me, all me, I did this to myself.

It wasn’t until my maternity clothes stopped fitting (after having the kids) that I realised just how bad things had gotten – this is when I knew I had to do something about my weight before it got even worse. Standing on the scales at 115.2 kg was horrifying.

I have started my weight loss journey to make a better me, to become a better person. I know that once my fat suit has gone I will be a lot happier not to mention healthier and a healthy, happy me means a happy family. So here I am blogging away, working out and finally losing the weight :)

It is time for some Positive Changes!

I need to make a commitment to myself that I will lose the weight. I need to commit to how I will accomplish this. I need to commit to the program. I need to commit to ME.

BELIEVE in myself
NO excuses
NO negative thoughts
I want to be fit and healthy
I want to wear a size 12
Get rid of my health issues
Make sacrifices
Be in control
Be strong on bad days
Stay focused
Stay motivated
Be consistent
Aim for perfection, but don't expect it
The moment I stop, NOTHING changes.

Join me as I shed the kilos, learn to love running and work towards my goal of being able to run 10 kms with ease!

This blog will be a journal of my journey!

Of Possible Interest

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