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Making Healthier Choices one SWAP at a time

My Health Blitz came about in the hope of creating new healthy habits by making better choices for myself.  The first thing on my list is Diet Coke, it has to go!

The original inspiration for my Blitz was from a post about Operation Healthy written by Lindsey at Happy or Hungry.  Lindsey's motivation was that she wasn't feeling too good after a weekend of 'treats' she had eaten and needed to get back into her healthy routine.

Some more great advice I found was from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers in a post she had written called Healthy Living for Beginners.  Among a variety of helpful tips I found a couple that I really liked :

"You don’t have to flip a switch and change dramatically over night. Your new healthy life begins today, and you can work on perfecting your healthy lifestyle forever!" 


"My best advice to those new to the idea of working out and eating healthy is to make little changes. Enough little tweaks to an unhealthy lifestyle can completely transform you into a health-conscious eater and an active person."

In light of my blog explorations, I have decided to add 1 or 2 small changes each week.  The experts say that is takes 21 days to create a habit so, based on that, I should only crave diet coke for 21 days, I will automatically grab an apple for a snack after 21 days of repeated fruit swaps and I will only hate early morning workouts for 21 days - I can live with that!

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