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Getting the hang of it - Finally!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I have been following WW for a while now and have been doing well until ProPoints was introduced. For some reason and I can't figure out what, it just threw me for a 6. It put my head out of alignment and it felt like I had to start from scratch AGAIN and I started gaining weight AGAIN. However, the difference this time is that I have managed to keep any gains to a minimum and I have finally turned the corner and seem to have started to lose the weight again.

I was contemplating leaving WW, but I realised that I don't want to leave, I like being a part of something that has such a strong and supportive community so I have decided to stay and continue on the journey and I can do this 2 ways : 

I can either continue how I am going, slowly losing here and there or I can kick myself in the butt and get going by embracing the change completely, not just doing bits and pieces, but completely so that means I have to track all day everyday and not just half a day a few days a week. I know there has been a lot of success on the new points system and I know that if I just buckle down I will have the same success as well.

I will still be apart of WW and follow the program, but on my terms and what I mean by this is that I am only going to eat when I am hungry (something I learned on Core) - not because I still have points to use up! There are some days when I could just eat and eat and eat and then other days where I could go without eating at all. I have also been experimenting with having my main meal at lunchtime so I don't go to bed with a stomach full of food that isn't being burned off. Some nights I am not even hungry because I had a big lunch and I am tired of eating dinner just because it's dinner time. Most nights, especially if I have been to the gym, I just want something light like a few pieces of fruit, but then WW is telling us not to over-do the fruit so I am being careful about that as well, but I love my fruit, I always have.

When I started WW for the 2nd time in my life there was the Core program - it was fantastic! I didn't have to count any points unless I used my 21 weekly points. When I first started on Core I ate soooo much fruit - 5 and sometimes 6 pieces a day and I lost weight consistently each week. After losing 30kg this way WW went and changed the program and NO MORE CORE! I was devastated and started to lose the plot and started gaining. I really resented having to count points for pasta and fruit again, but I finally got my head around that and started losing again. Now there is ProPoints and the same thing has happened. I lost the plot for a little while, but I am back now and finally starting to lose again. Everything seems to finally be falling into place for me and I am enjoying the new system.

Hopefully I will follow this through, well I am determined to see this through to the end and reach goal by the end of this year and this will be my last time joining WW - I just need to refocus.

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