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Where has my Wagon gone?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Well I thought I was back on the wagon, but it seems to be missing again. I just can't find it, maybe the kids took it out the back and buried it :0

I keep wanting this instead of this!!!!

I just don't know what is wrong with me lately. I was doing OK and just maintaining even though I know that I still have a ton of weight to lose and that just maintaining is no where near good enough, but the last week or so I have just totally lost the plot no matter how hard I try not to. I have my weigh-in tomorrow and had a sneak peak this morning and it went something like this :
I just decided that instead of stressing about it and beating myself up for weeks that I am just going to wear it. I have no one to blame but myself and I am going to use it as a learning curve. I have also decided that :

This week I DON'T...........
  • eat white bread
  • eat take away
  • eat ice-cream
  • drink soft drinks (of any kind)
But I WILL..........
  • write an exercise plan and DO THEM!
  • write a food plan
  • track all of my food
These are the things I will be giving up for the week. I have always found that when I challenge myself to focus on a few things each week, my losses are much better, well, at least they exist those weeks.

I am also going over to PBF to re-read Julie's Healthy Living tips -

"Here’s the good news: You don’t have to flip a switch and change dramatically over night. Your new healthy life begins today, and you can work on perfecting your healthy lifestyle forever!"

I find that this post always helps me to get my head back in the right direction. I will also be going to Bitch Cakes blog and going through some of her old posts. I love reading about Sheryl's triumphs and failures because she knows what it's like to slip up (more than once) and she always has great advice on how to get back on track as well. She has written a great blog on self-image today which I found has helped as well -

"If we have stretch marks and cellulite, we will probably always have them. Even at goal weight. So I think the first thing we need to do is understand that and have realistic expectations. Because all we can do is eat better and move more; but we have little to no control over what our bodies will look like as a result of that work."

"You may not be able to change certain aspects of your physical self, but you *can* change the way you think about them and accept them, at least eventually. But just like everything else, you will only get there if you begin to work on making that change. And just like everything else - you can do it, you can make that change. If you believe you can. So believe. And do it! Your body is amazing and you need to see that - even if you don't see it in the mirror. Yet."

I am off to do some reading! Amazingly, I think the bad indoor weather has really tired the kids out and the 3 of them are asleep on the lounge. When I say bad weather, I mean as I am typing this it is hailing and really cold, I wouldn't be surprised if we got snow in Melbourne this winter!

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