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Sunday, November 20, 2011

This morning while I was pinning from my iPhone my husband kept yelling at me to "get off the phone and go workout".  Still not feeling 100% I reluctantly went and got changed into my workout clothes - black track pants and a black  t-shirt (very sexy indeed).  The thing was that I really didn't want to put my shoes on, I was really, really comfortable in my slippers, they make me happy :)

Anyhooo, after receiving some more abuse, I put my shoes on.  I looked at, and sat next to the treadmill for about an hour and I just couldn't bring myself to get on it, it just didn't feel right today so I went and perused my DVD collection.  I saw Jillian, NO!  I saw Denise, NO!  I saw The Firm, NO!  Then I spotted my OZ Style collection - I looked at the cover of On the Ball and it looked too hard and then I found this little beauty......

Yellow's a happy colour, maybe it will make me feel better?  You know what?  It did, it did make me feel better.  It felt so, so good to do something physical.  Even though I didn't break a sweat, it still burned 290 calories and that makes me very happy.  Best of all though, I got to take my shoes off!

It wasn't a full on workout, but at least it was something and I didn't end up in the bathroom visiting Percy Porcelain and that's always good!  I also enjoyed visiting my friends, Michelle, Wendy & Jodi from my old, reliable OZ Style tapes.  I just hope the next time they make a yoga video that they wear pants - lots of visible buns and thighs here today, lots!

*HRM Stats* 
  • Duration : 53.35 mins
  • Calories : 290
  • Average HR : 110
  • Maximum HR : 134
  • In Zone : 15.44 mins
  • Distance : 0 - DVD


  1. It doesn't matter what you looked like, what matters is that you did it :)

    Awesome! Good for your husband for getting on your case ;-)

  2. Totally agree - doesn't matter what you looked like - what matters is that you did something even if it took your hubby's nagging to get you there (sometimes we need that though - I know the feeling !!!)

    Hope you continue to improve this week and feel better and up to exercising really soon.

  3. Hi and welcome to Fitness Friday!

    All that matters is that you did it!

    Would you mind helping me spread the word about Fitness Friday? Please include the Fitness Friday Blog Hop button in your post or on your sidebar. Also, please link-up with a post URL so your fitness post is easier for readers to find. Thanks a bunch!

    Hope to see your link up this week :)

  4. I agree with the others- you did it! It may not have been a run you were pushing yourself to do, but you did break out a sweat and bring up that heart rate!

    I love your pinterest pics on the side!!


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