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Another Survey

Thursday, January 26, 2012

You know I like a survey and what better time to post some than when I am away.  I think they make a great fill in post cause they add a light and fun touch.  This survey has a night / bedtime theme.

As usual I found the Bed Time Survey over at PBF.  Julie is also a lover of surveys, which I suppose is a good thing otherwise I would have to make some up and you really, really don't want that!

Bed Time Survey
  • How many hours of sleep do you get each night? 4 - 7 hours.
  • What time do you usually go to bed? Anywhere between 10 p.m and 1 a.m.
  • What time do you get up during the workweek? Between 5.30 and 7 a.m.  This depends greatly on what workout I have planned and what time the kids wake up as well.
  • What do you wear to bed? Flannel PJ's in the winter and cotton boxers and T-shirt or tank in the summer.
mine have cows on them
  • What is the last thing you do before bed? Brush my teeth.
  • Does coffee wake you up? No, I can drink a cup at midnight and still fall asleep 2 seconds later.
  • Does vodka put you to sleep? No, but I can always rely on a good sleep with Jack Daniels though and a good vomit with gin - I only need 1 glass of gin to be really sick, there is something in there that does not agree with me.
mmmmmm, the good old days
  • How do you sleep: On your side, stomach or back? All 3, I toss and turn a lot.
  • Do you dream about real-life things or complete fantasies? Both, but more real-life stuff I think.  Is leaving my husband for an extremely handsome American soldier named Sam considered fantasy?? 
  • Ever had a reoccurring dream? Yes, when I was younger.  It was awful.  I was at a crematorium high up on a mountain.  My job there was to mow the lawn and the devil would show up and push me off the cliff.  I would always wake up with a big jolt mid-fall.  I haven't had this dream for years so hopefully thinking about it won't trigger the dream again.
  • Which is worse: Being too hot or too cold in bed? Too hot. Thank goodness we have air conditioning or as the kids say "the hair conditioner machine". 
  • What size is your bed? Queen.
I am revealing lots of useless information about myself this week and I think it's only fair that you share with me!  So, what's your bedtime routine?


  1. I'm so predictable at night - I go to bed around the same time 11-12 every night of the week, and wake up between 7-8 every day as well. And I am very grumpy without at least 7 hours of sleep!

  2. "Is leaving my husband for an extremely handsome American soldier named Sam considered fantasy??"

    LOL i can relate ;) My bed time routine is brush my teeth, brush my daughters teeth and get to bed by 10pm or 11pm. We sleep for 8 hours.

  3. I posted this survey today. :) Hope you're enjoying your trip. -Leah

    Sleepytime Survery:


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