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Cream of Vegetable Smoothie

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sounds gross?  Yes, it does, but it tasted like banana and honey.  My smoothie this morning contained not one, but two serves of veggies.  How do you put 2 serves of veggies into a smoothie I hear you ask? Easy! Just choose bland, fairly flavourless veggies to add and you can't taste them.

I had my first milk based smoothie today, the main reason being that I got some Protein Powder yesterday and I thought the milk would go better with a vanilla flavour and make it creamier.  Luckily I have been stalking the protein powders waiting for them to go on sale.  I can't justify spending nearly $22 for a 400g tub, when there are a lot more important things to buy at the grocery store.

Finally, I saw the sale sign.  The "sale" tag actually said $26.98 reduced to $22.59 WHAT!!  Two days ago it was $21.98 full price!!!  Fortunately for me, the original price tag was still under the sale tag and when I questioned it at the checkout, which took about 15 mins of whispering and going back to the aisle a couple of times, I ended up getting the protein powder for free.  It's store policy that if you are overcharged for something you get it for free :)

Cream of Vegetable Smoothie

Into the blender :

  • 250 mls Skim milk
  • 100g frozen Banana
  • Handful of Baby Spinach leaves
  • 50g No Fat Greek Yoghurt
  • 1 tsp Honey (7 grams)
  • 20g Vanilla Whey Protein Powder
  • 50g Mushrooms

I know that mushrooms in a smoothie sounds worse than disgusting, but I promise you, just like the spinach, you can't taste them.  All I could taste was the banana and honey.  I couldn't taste any vanilla from the protein powder, but I did only use half a serve.  Also, I don't think the milk made the smoothie any creamier, but I did find it a little more filling that the water base.  The frozen banana always does a great job of thickening up the mix and making it creamy.

I don't think I will buy the protein powder again, there are a lot of other cheaper ways to incorporate protein into the diet.  Who knows, there may even be a tofu smoothie round the corner? Maybe not?  We'll see!

Speaking of cheaper protein sources............

Egg & Cheese Muffin 

Multigrain English muffin with low-fat cheese wedge

1 dry-fried / no added fat egg 
(I used an egg ring to get the perfect muffin shape)

egg & cheese muffin with 1/2 an avocado

I am loving these little cheese and egg muffins.  They are so quick and easy to make and they taste delicious.  I love my avocado as well and when my son cracked one to have on his sandwich, I just had to have some.  I know they are fatty, but it's the good kind and as much as I would like to, I don't eat them everyday.

I recently stumbled upon a blog called Diary of a Nutritionist, which I am loving.  I also found a post called The Avocado - A Healthy Fat.  I am so glad that I found this avocado post cause it explains the health benefits of the avocado and makes me feel better about eating them.  Here's a sneak peek -

"Avocados are incredibly delicious, versatile and nutrient dense.
They are rich in potassium (higher than bananas)
High in Vitamin K- (allows your blood to clot normally, and helps to protect your bones)
Fairly high in the B-Complex Vitamins,
Contains Vitamin A, C, E, and,
Are rich in magnesium, iron, calcium and other trace minerals"

If you are having any concerns about the foods you are eating, I highly recommend you check out Diary of a Nutritionist, it is full of great information about all the foods we eat.


Good weigh-in this morning with a loss of 1.1 kg (2.4 lbs).  I have found lately that I'm not really counting calories, but I am being consistent with everything I am doing.

Early morning workouts are slowly becoming habit / routine and I am really enjoying them and regretting when I don't do them - both good signs.  I am eating 4 - 6 smaller meals a day rather than 3 big ones and I am putting a lot more effort into my meals.  My meals aren't fancy with 1000's of ingredients, but I am really trying to focus on the ingredients - grainy breads instead of white, adding proteins where I can to keep me fuller longer and being really aware of portion sizes (Tweety Bird plate, I also have Winnie the Pooh).

I have sort of taken the weight loss out of it all and am just trying to be as healthy and active as I can be and it seems to be working.  I've lost more weight in the last few weeks than I did in all of last year.  I think I have finally found my winning formula :)

Share your winning formula.....

  • What works best for you? 
  • Do you eat 5 - 6 smaller meals?
  • Would you ever try mushrooms in a smoothie?


  1. YAY for finding what works for you. To me that is the key to anything whether it be organising your home or where you shop or what exercise you do - when you find what works for you it all seems to fall into place so much more easily.

    Welldone on the loss - I am still trying to get a loss happening after Christmas - am not quite in the right headspace food wise yet but I'll get there (soon I hope ")

    Have a great evening !

  2. Excellent weight loss this week!!! Also well done getting the freebie, cheeky buggers those supermarkets. Not sure if I could put mushrooms iny smoothie - it did look nice though lol

  3. Good on you for questioning the supermarkets - I hate that they make people think they are getting things on special! I'm going to try what you did - ours often has a special sticker on it with the same price underneath - it gives me the complete craps.

    I'm sure you won't find much difference if you add milk or water in that shake especially since you have the banana - the protein powder probably has skim milk powder in it anyway. The smoothie looks good but there is no way in hell I would be putting mushrooms in a smoothie - i put in spinach all the time, and carrots in oats but the mushroom things is killing me!!

    While you've got the protein powder a good protein snack is a tub of cottage cheese blended with a scoop of protein powder, stevia and a couple of drops of vanilla essence - blend until smooth and then put in little containers for a sweet treat.

    Great loss this week!

  4. Smaller meals work best for me! I try to get in 5 small meals and with planning it works well! I will have to try the mushrooms....Everything else sounds like my breakfast already!

  5. Fantastic loss - congrats!
    I don't eat mushrooms anyway so putting them in a smoothie - YUCK!
    But hey what works for you is all that matters!
    Loving the muffin might have to try that myself- what was the cheese that you spread on?
    I have found after years of doing WW that if I cycle it (Wendie Plan) I have good losses!

  6. @sammyI love the sound of your protein snack, I will definitely be giving that a try :)

  7. @PinkyThe cheese I spread on was Light Laughing Cow spreadable wedges. They are in the fridge section at the supermarket. I will post a picture for you so you can see the box, I find it always helps me more if you can see the box as well.

  8. @fancy nancyI am really enjoying the 5 smaller meals and I promise you I could not taste the mushrooms at all. If you do try them, I would love to know what you thought cause I do know that it sounds really gross :)

  9. Thanks for the update on the cheese but I also wanted to say - have you just seen the latest post from Bitch cakes???
    I hope everything is ok with her!
    I do enjoy her posts and will miss them!

  10. Well done questioning the supermarket about that "sale" - that's terrible. But at least you got it for free in the end! I'm still afraid to add veggies to smoothies but I know I should give it a try!


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