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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Monday, January 16, 2012

*The Good*

 My treadmill is back and ready for use - very happy :)

I woke up to a wonderful surprise yesterday, hubby had opened the treadmill for me and cleaned the motor out.  There were pens, pegs, bits of paper, corn chips and some dried apple although it wasn't dried when I gave it to the kids.

I know I could have opened it and done it myself, but if I had of broken it in some way I would never have heard the end of it so if hubby broke it instead, nothing would have ever been said about it which is best for everyone.

I decided not to do any intervals yesterday and opted for a TV Workout.  I chose one of my many recorded programs (I get last dibs on the foxtel) to watch and started "wogging."  I have come across this term on Daily Mile, it's a combination of walking and jogging - I walked during the show and then ran during the ads.  My speed varied from 6.5 - 10 depending on how I was feeling at that particular moment.  I ended up doing 6.5 kms in 60 mins.

There were many times I just wanted to stop, but I was watching the US Biggest Loser and I just pretended that my best mate Jill (you can see a picture of us together here) was yelling at me.

*The Bad*

My HRM died yesterday, well the battery anyway and of course it's an unusual size and the 3 different stores I went to yesterday didn't carry it.  I later checked the internet and found that I can get a "pack" of batteries for $6.95, but they are currently out of stock.

I have so much to do to get the house ready for Mama Solis (Desperate Housewives reference) who arrives tomorrow.  Most of the house is done, but I still have heaps to do - must get moving.

*The Ugly*

I gained 1.4 kg this week!  I don't know what I did so bad that caused the gain.  I did some exercise, clearly not enough, but I was careful with my food.  I didn't track though, which I am certain is my downfall.  I probably ate stuff I wasn't aware of because I wasn't writing it down and I am pretty sure I didn't drink enough water.  Never mind, just a small set back, but it's enough to get me right back on track.

What are your weight loss tips.......

  • Do you need to track EVERYTHING?
  • Does the amount of water you drink effect your weight loss?
  • How much exercise do you need to do to see results?


  1. So glad you have your treadmill working again - it makes a big difference doesn't it ?

    Oh no about the batteries - sorry that you aren't able to get them anywhere - that is annoying !!!

    Sad news about the gain but if it is enoug to motivate you back on track - take heart from that because you are back on track.

    Good luck for Mama Solis - thinking of you !

    Love, hugs and positive energy.

  2. When I track yes I track it ALL.

    I know drinking water affects my weight loss, but I haven't noticed if the amount makes a big difference. I shoot for a minimum of 64 oz a day.

    How much exercise?? Hmmm... I'm losing again and walking 3 miles/45 mins a day. I've also done more intense exercise for an hour daily and lost. So, I have no idea what to say about this. I noticed I have a harder time reigning in my eating when I workout intensely; that's why I'm just walking for now.

    Good luck with MIL coming. Just keep up your good workouts and that scale will head back down in no time. :).

  3. yay for the TM being fixed! That is so funny all the stuff he found in there - would totally happen in this house as well. I need to be better with water - I am so bad, in fact I told my husband tonight I think the only thing I drank today was coffee this morning and a glass of wine tonight. So not good.

    I pretend Jillian is my personal trainer too - she makes me work hard!

  4. lol at the Mama Solis ... I now have a picture in my head!

    Do you need to track EVERYTHING?
    If im tracking yes - otherwise I lie to myself

    Does the amount of water you drink effect your weight loss?
    Not at all - i drink between 2-3 litres every day

    How much exercise do you need to do to see results?
    If I don't exercise I turn into fatty fatty boombah ... I know that they say that diet is 80% but i really don't think it is for me i think im 50/50


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