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The House of Gastro

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I haven't been up to much lately, but I am thinking of submitting an idea to the yearly show for another horror attraction. I would call it The House of Gastro!

Apparently Christmas has come early this year..............

"Howdy Ho"

Thankfully it hasn't been me that has been effected by the dreaded poo bug, but the kids - all 4 of them!  To make it worse, they get it one by one.  Why can't they get it all at the same time and it all be over in a week?? WHY????

There have also been a couple of throat infections in there as well causing fevers and vomiting - it has been such an awesome few weeks, I just love it.

Apart from my lack of exercise, my food choices have been really, really bad so yesterday I went grocery shopping and have now filled the house with healthy foods.  I didn't buy any chips, sweets, chocolates, biscuits etc. much to the disgust of my husband.  I told him if he wants softdrink and biscuits he can buy it himself and eat it at work.  I don't want it in the house and the kids don't need it to be here either.

Today I have swapped this.............

For this............

AND I am making it a permanent part of my life.  I know that if I keep a healthy kitchen, I will keep a healthy body.  I don't care how much the kids and hubby complain that there's "no dessert" or "softdrink" in the house, I refuse to buy it from now on.  I mean what sort of example am I setting for the kids by having it in the house anyway?  Plus, it is so, so easy for me to just grab a biscuit instead of making myself a salad.

Even though I enjoy the salad just as much as the biscuit, the difference is the convenience of the junk cause it's pre-made.  Now instead of grabbing a biscuit, I can grab an apple which is 1000 times more satisfying anyway - I am such an idiot, why am I just learning these simple, healthy lifestyle tips now?  I can't believe how long it has taken for it all to finally start sinking in.

I do owe my epiphany to a good friend of mine (Me from My Journey - Am I There Yet?).  Thanks to a conversation between us the other day, she made me realise something extremely significant which has greatly been effecting my attitude towards food that I didn't even know was happening.

Thank you so much Me, I love your support and the encouragement you give me to make myself a better version of what I am now xx

Please tell me if you have had a complete brain and kitchen overhaul.......

  • Did / does your family complain about the changes to the food?  
  • What's something you have given up and never looked back?
  • How do you cope with your new lifestyle changes when cravings hit?



  1. Sorry to hear everyone has had the gastro bug - that sucks big time. Unless you have 4 loos in the house you might be glad that they didn't all get it at the same time !!!!!

    Great job with your food choices - you are right - if it isn't in the house, nobody can eat it. In the past I have bought things justifying my purchase saying it is for A and K when I know bloody well I will eat it. I have also stopped buying the junk but not so much the others. I am just trying to be strong and not eat - or at least minimise the amount that I do eat.

    I don't know what I said but I am so glad that it helped - as you know, my phone/email is always open for you.

    Have the best Friday ever !

  2. Okay...firstly...the cartoon picture cracked me up!! LOL I'm so sorry you're dealing with sickness though..that's horrible, no-good fun.

    As to your questions:
    -The kids did okay when I switched out chips for fruit in their lunches and juice drinks for water.
    -I haven't given up any foods permanently, but I stay away from triggers, like brownies...I swear they are crack cocaine..I can't have just a bite.
    -When I am craving I tend to give in (thus the long, slow journey). I'm learning not to do this, or to have a small bit and make it fit in my calorie count for the day. I tried a month without sweets/chocolate and my husband told me it was the worst thing I could've done. I think I could've detoxed completely, but for the next two weeks I wanted so much sweets it was weird. I decided "all things in moderation" still works best for me.

    Great job getting the fruit and veggies. I hope the poo monster leaves quickly!


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