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32 Weeks

Monday, June 28, 2010

Today there is exactly 32 weeks till my 40th birthday and I would love to be apart of that old cliche 'Fabulous at Forty'. I would love to be at goal by then but to lose a little over 40kg in 32 weeks is a big ask but I am going to strive towards it and with a loss of 1.4kg this week I am on my way.

I actually took a photo of all the clothes in my wardrobe that are too small for me but can't wait to wear (again). I put them all onto the 1 page, printed them out and put it on the fridge. Next to that I have stuck a photo of myself. The photo of me was taken a couple of months after I had my twins and I was weighing in at 115.2kg. I can't fit into the clothes YET but the skirt I had on in the photo is too big for me now so that is a great positive for me to look at and soon hopefully all of my "fat" clothes will be too big.

I am still really excited about the Christmas challenge as I would love, love, love to be in the low 70's by then and now I have an extra incentive to keep me going - the big 40. If I can make it to the low 70's by Christmas my goal weight will be even closer for the birthday in February. I will have to add a new Birthday Challenge to my WW signature which will help to keep me accountable for all the choices I make whether good or not so good :)

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