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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's a cold day in Melbourne today so I decided to make myself a nice hot cup of tea but instead of grabbing the tea bags I grabbed the fish food and put that into my mug - I think I need some uninterrupted sleep. I get woken up around a minimum of 5 times a night and it is really starting to bother me.

Cause I am tired all the time I don't feel like going to the gym, but I miss going cause it's the only time I have time to myself. I might even start having a shower there cause then I might even be able to do that in peace.

With young kids you never get to do anything alone. The only time I can leave the house without the place erupting with screams of "I come too" is when I am wearing my gym clothes so now I even where those to do grocery shopping so I can go alone. Speaking of grocery shopping I need a new jar of vegemite. The kids beat me downstairs by 5 seconds this morning and smashed a nearly brand new jar all over the floor - they can open all the safety locks on the cupboards and drawers.

I weighed myself this morning (like I do every morning) yes I admit it, I am a daily weigher which means I weigh myself at least once a day sometimes more. I can't help myself and I know I am not the only one out there. The good thing about it is although I am obsessed with weighing myself I don't get upset over the fluctuations cause I know it's normal and some days or weeks are better than others. Every time I weigh myself it is different so I only record my Monday morning one.

I am definitely off to the gym tonight - it is step tonight and that is my favourite class with Zumba coming in a close second. I am making sure I get to Zumba this week cause I have missed the last 2 but at least I can say it wasn't my doing. I was really, really nervous about doing Zumba cause I can not dance and because of my size but after doing the class a few times it is getting easier for me and you know what moves to expect. I can do the basic steps ok but the sexy thrusting, chest push stuff is still way out of my league. I don't even feel stupid doing it anymore I just make sure I enjoy myself and have a good laugh when I stuff something up. The gym I go to is great (Fernwood) and everyone is really nice and supportive and no one cares if you stuff something up.

I have only ever come across some negative stuff once - there was some reference to my size and how could "she possibly do a step class at that size" well those 2 skinny minis were new and had no idea what to do so they shut up pretty quickly and I haven't seen them since.

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  1. Haha, you show those skinny minnies! It's ridiculous the assumptions people make about us without even giving us a chance.

    I'm an everyday weigher, too. Or at least I was, until my batteries went flat. :/ Must replace those!

    It sounds like you're having a hard time with the kids, but hang in there and make sure you do get time for yourself! Good luck, Effie.


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