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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Well today I have put up some progress photos (wearing the same outfit). I have lost just over 10kg in these photos but unfortunately you really can't see much of a difference between them. Oh well hopefully there will be a much bigger difference with the next photos which I will take when I lose another 10kg.

I did my Zumba class today which was fun. There were a few new dances today so I was a little lost for a bit but the instructor (Julia) is great and she doesn't care. She always says "It doesn't matter if the moves aren't perfect, just wiggle your hips, keep moving and having fun". She is soooo good and makes you feel at ease. I think she knows that most of us in the class are pretty hopeless dancers. I still can't get those chest pop things right.

Had a bit of a blow out this afternoon so I am a bit annoyed with myself, but such is life. I know if I dwell on it I will feel worse and have a bigger blow out so I am just putting it behind me and hopefully next time I feel like a binge I will remember how disappointed I feel in myself for doing it today. I am not hungry because of it so I decided to skip dinner and I am drinking lots of water to help with some damage control.

I have finally put the kids to bed so now I can do something crafty which keeps my hands occupied. I am in the middle of a scrapbook page so I will finish that now without all those other little hands wanting to help me.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Effie,
    The photos look great - it looks as though you have lost some weight around your face. :o)

    My ww leader told us that you can only ruin one meal at a time (which is something I hadn't really thought of before), so it's good that your blowout didn't make you ruin the rest of your day. :o)

    I hope you have fun scrapping. :o)


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