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Monday, July 5, 2010

It's been a few days since last posting so I have to think what I have been up to. Well, firstly I lost 1.3kg this week so very excited about that, especially considering the week I had wasn't the best, then again, it will probably show up in next weeks results. I would really love to get to the 99kg by the end of the month so with only 2 weigh-ins till then I had better pull my head in.

Took the kids to the zoo last week and I don't think I did too badly. I had Subway for breakfast and lunch - bought a foot long on the way to the zoo, had half in the morning then the other half later. I can't remember what I had for dinner. It rained most of the day so I know I was wet and cold. My husband and I and the kids all walked around in those lovely rain ponchos you buy at the gift shop - It wasn't raining when we left home. I suppose I did do a lot of walking that day so that should combat the avocado I had on my Subway. I can't remember if I had anything else to eat at the zoo -OOOOOOOOh no I just remembered, my husband bought some of the Subway cookies as well and I think I had 2 of them. Oh well, they were delicious and no harm done THIS week anyway.

I also had a naughty dessert last night. It's just a simple layered concoction I throw together and is worth around 8.5 points using the low fat options. I am trying to find a way to make it less points but I don't know how so if anyone has any ideas that would be great. Firstly I have decided to put some points away each day so I can have this as my Sunday night treat. OK, Here it is : I call it Jelly Surprise :

In a glass I start with a layer of
  • Point free jelly
  • Low fat custard
  • Drop in a serve of raspberry lollies
  • Scoop of WW ice cream
  • Drop in a serve of strawberries & cream lollies
  • 2 tbs of low fat dairy whip
  • Top with the last raspberry lolly
If I use half the ice cream that would save a little and I could always halve the lolly serves but I don't know how else to do it. It is just so yummy and I only have it once a week. Maybe I could think about having it fortnightly, but if I am saving points so I can have it IS IT REALLY THAT BAD??????????????????????????????????

Of course it is. When I see it written down like this I actually feel disgusted with myself for eating it in the first place and no wonder I am the weight I am. I am not eating chocolate or chips or biscuits or anything like I used to eat like pizza or other takeaways, I don't even want those things anymore but I do look forward to my Jelly Surprise every Sunday. I can even keep the lollies in the cupboard from week to week where once upon a time I would have eaten the whole packet at the same time so I guess I am making some progress. The big question is "Do I have to decide"? Jelly Surprise or my dream outfit? OR can I have both???????????


  1. Hhhhmmmmmm conundrum, can you have your jelly surprise AND your dream outfit??

    Well lets see, the unpouring dairy farmers custard is less points than the pouring. Or you could use WW custard. What do you mean by a serve of lollies? How many are in a serve? Could you cut some out? Yoghurt instead of the dairy whip? Instead of lollies use fresh fruit? Possibly not the same with fresh fruit though?

    Is it really 8.5 points? How big is the portion? Could you halve the portion so you just get a taste of it but it not be so much??

    HTH :D Keep up the good work though :D

  2. Actually, in my opinion, if you're only having it once a week and you've got the points for it....why not?? You deserve a 'treat' as long as that's what it is -- a treat.

    Also, I read your vent on the WW boards, sounds like you're busy as all get-out! Know that we're thinking of you! You can do it even with the stress! Also, I don't know your money situation but have you considered advertising for a babysitter to come and do a couple of hours for you a week? You don't even have to be going anywhere, just have them look after the kids while you do what you need to do.


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