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The Hungry Runner Girl

Friday, June 25, 2010


I love Janae!  She is an awesome athlete who runs marathons in 3 hours.  She is entertaining, she can laugh at herself, she loves her life (as we all should), but most of all, she is brave and honest.  Janae isn't afraid to share her hard times, she not only writes about them for the world to see, but she also shares her solutions to overcome the bad days.

Janae runs because she loves it, apart from her husband, running is her world.  I know I will never have the ability to run like Janae, I like running, but I want to gain her ability to love it.  I don't ever expect to run a marathon let alone win one, but Janae has been a huge running inspiration for me.  It's her love and passion for the sport that gives me motivation.  I just want to feel good about accomplishing a run and I know that I can achieve that feeling because I have done it.

I know it sounds awful, but I gain hope from knowing that someone as awesome as Janae has bad exercise days.  If a superstar runner can feel awful about a workout and just feels like giving up then I know I am normal.  It makes me realise that none of us are alone in this exercise, healthy living thing and that we all have good day, bad days and down right lousy days.

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