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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

With a loss of 1.1kg and my first HRM on the way, I am more pumped than ever. I have been reading Jess's posts with all her information about calories burned, etc and I am soooo excited about my own HRM arriving I can hardly wait. I know I probably sound like an idiot getting so excited over a heart monitor watch but I just can't wait to use it. Every day will be like a new mini challenge trying to match or better the results of the day before. I will have to set myself a limit though otherwise it could get totally out of hand. I already weigh myself every day at least once. I just like to know that I am not too far off track.

Speaking of off track, I am a little behind in my Spring Challenge after last weeks 300g gain. I now have to lose 8.6kg in 6 weeks to make it to my 93kg by 31 August. I know if I put my head down and tail up I can do it. I am not sure about my GWEJ challenge though, I would have to lose 2.6 at my next weigh in to make so I have resigned myself to the fact that it isn't going to happen, better to face the facts now rather than at weigh in and then blow the next week as well. If I prepare myself for these challenge results good or bad in advance I can handle the result better, just put it behind me and move on to the next one, mmmm GWEA???? August will have 5 weigh-ins for me, so I will set that target at 97kg, not too unrealistic but no too easy either. August, here I come! Spring, here I come and so on........

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  1. I TOTALLY understand how excited you are! I've had mine for 3 weeks and use it 5 times a week and I'm STILL excitd everytime I use it!!!


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