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Friday, July 16, 2010

I have been coming across some new WW products lately and they are not bad. There is the garlic ciabatta 1.5 pts per slice (I think that's how it's spelt) and the creamy tomato gnocchi at 5 pts. I have even bought a couple of the mini meals which are around 3 pts.

As I am the only one eating "diet" food some days after already making 2 different dinners for the kids and then hubby I just can't be bothered making my own dinner so these WW meals are great for me. If I have been to the gym at night I don't really feel like eating afterwards but I know that if I don't I will be back downstairs hungry and looking for anything that doesn't need to be cooked (like biscuits) so I make myself have something and those WW mini meals are perfect for that.

Steps, as far as my steps go I was aiming for a minimum of 10,000 per day well I don't think I've reached the 10,000 any day yet this week. I totally forgot to even wear my pedometer yesterday so that was pretty pathetic of me. I am not too worried though and now I will challenge myself even more next week to at least make the 10,000. The highest I have gotten so far this week is 8,000. I might have to just run up and down the stairs a few times at home to make up the difference from now on.

I did some grocery shopping on Wednesday and was very surprised to find out that my time at shopping gave me the same amount of steps as my step class did the night before and it was only just a quick shop and no where near as exhausting as the step class. I do love my step class though, it just seems to be one of those classes that clicks with me, you either hate it or love it and I love it. The class that I hate is Spin / RPM, it has a few different names I think. The first time I did it I was sore for a few days afterwards. Those bike seats are so hard it was hurting to sit down so the parts when you have to stand and pedal really hard like you are going up a hill - I couldn't wait for them, the instructor was quite impressed with me at how I could stand up for so long in my first class, but the real reason was because I couldn't stand the thought of having to sit down again. I tried the class a couple of times after that and I wasn't as sore, but I still just couldn't get into the class, I guess it just wasn't for me.

I bought Ruby Gettinger's Book - Ruby's Diary and it arrived in the mail a couple of days ago so I can't wait to start reading it, I just need to find some quiet time without the kids yelling in my face for this or that. I haven't read a book for a long time and I miss reading so I am really looking forward to reading this one. I am expecting it to be filled with inspiration and tips on how to lose the weight and keep it off. I loved the TV series so as I said before, I can't wait to read all about Ruby's journey.

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