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Friday, July 30, 2010

Again nothing much to report. Am still feeling horrible and still not been able to get to the gym - I think I must have some sort of stomach bug cause I am spending most of my time in the bathroom. I am actually really annoyed that this has hit me now. I just got my HRM in the mail which I was so excited about and was going to go to the gym when I got this bug thing. My eldest son was sick a few weeks ago, then my husband was sick the week after and now me so it must be something going around. Anyway my HRM is still sitting up in the cupboard and I can't wait to use it.

My HRM is in the cupboard cause I have to keep things out of reach from the little monsters that live in the house. My WW points calculator has also gone missing - I have been searching for 3 days now. I have looked in all the usual places that I keep things but with no luck. I didn't really realise how much I relied on it till now. I will probably find it under something covered in food they have hidden as well.

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