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Monday, August 9, 2010

Well I haven't posted for a little while, I know I have been a little slack but I sort of have an excuse even though I know there should be no excuses - I have been sick. Yesterday I was feeling great and did a smallish work out at the gym - I did a little experiment as I am considering buying some equipment and cancelling my gym membership - I can buy and pay off ("no interest EVER") a cross-trainer and treadmill for $18 a week compared to my gym membership which costs $21 a week. If I do this then my husband and eldest boy can use the equipment as well. There is this vibration machine thing that my husband loves and would cost $10 a week on top of that so now it is already more expensive than my gym membership.

Anyway my experiment was - 15 mins on the treadmill with a gradient of 1% and speed ranging between 5 & 7.5 (walk/jog) I burnt 87 calories. BUT 15 mins on the cross trainer at a level of 5 I burnt 127 calories. So, I obviously burn more on the cross-trainer, but I prefer the treadmill whereas my husband prefers the cross-trainer. My husband isn't really fussed on having the stuff at home and I do love to go to the gym to get away from the family, not in a bad way, but just so I can have some ME time. The gym and supermarket are the only times I get to clear my head and just spend time with me. I think I have come to the decision of keeping the membership cause it's one of the only times I get out of the house and away from it all, plus I also have my weights at the gym which I love.

The gym closes at 1 on a Sunday and by the time I got there after getting kids ready and taking them and hubby to McDonalds (no McD's for me) I only had an hour and 10 mins left before closing. So I didn't have much time but after doing my 30mins of cardio I also did my weight session and all the while I was wearing my HRM, very exciting for me, the first time I have used it.

You know when you are on the machines and you have to hold onto those silver things to get your heart rate and they hardly ever work, well I hate doing that and yesterday I didn't have to. All the info from my HRM shows up on the gyms equipment so I could see my heart rate all the time. Anyway in just over an hours worth of gym I burnt 556 calories - this was 15 mins on treadmill, 15 on cross-trainer, about 30 mins of weights and then some stretching so not much time spent there but a good 556cals gone. Afterwards I went and picked up the family from McD's and I still didn't have any even though it was offered to me. I went home and made a nice fresh salad roll for myself. Then I decided to make a soup for myself for the week and as soon as I put it on the stove (in my new stock pot) I had to go to the toilet with a bucket where I spent the rest of the day.

I have a condition called Urticaria which is an allergy thing that is set off by ????????? No one knows, I have more testing next month so hopefully we will find a cause then, but until then I just have to take my allergy medication every day and then days like yesterday when I flare up, can't breath, go bright red all over my body, my hands and feet swell and itch like crazy etc, etc, etc, it is horrible and I hate it. I have an epi pen which I carry everywhere just in case and on days like yesterday I have to take extra strong medication which just knocks me out and makes me utterly useless for a couple of days and just when I thought I was getting back into it.

OH well, such is life, at least I lost this week - 900gms :) better than nothing and better than a gain so I am happy.


  1. Congratulations Effie on passing up the McDs! Hard to do but sooo wroth it in the long run. I made home made burgers and oven baked chips and I was surprised how fast that added up, and its still nothing like maccas!
    Sorry to hear about the allergy thing, hope they figure our what random little thing is setting you off. I'm had something similar but only twice in my life, so whatever sets me off is thankfully a little less common :) You and I both lost 900g this week - feels good doesn't it :)

  2. Hiya

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!! :o)
    It must be hard to move interstate and not have any friends.

    Your allergy thing sounds scarily familiar!!! i have symptoms like that myself. I get extremely itchy on hands , feet, legs - anywhere.. with lots of reddness. And I want to rip my skin off! I had to go to emergency one day and have my sterling silver ring cut off as one day, after YEARS of wearing it every day - my finger got all itchy and swelled up and was going to keep swelling, so I had to get the ring off asap. I get it especially if I hold plastic bags, cardboard or lean on anything for a certain amount of time!! It's weird.
    I will be interested to read what you find out about your issues!!! :o)
    Take care!! (sorry this is such a long comment!!!)


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