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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Well, what can I say - OUCH is what first comes to mind!! I don't even mean the workout itself because it is the normal burn and pain that I get from the other classes I do which you just force yourself to push through. I am talking about the seat, it is so hard it hurts to sit on it. I was talking to the instructor after the class and even she said that the seat takes a while to get used to so I guess I will just have to persevere. I do have a gel seat cover at home, maybe I could take that and put it on and hopefully it won't be so bad. I am even sore now just sitting on a normal chair.

I have decided to make it a goal of mine to continue with the cycle classes and hopefully one day I will be able to keep up with the instructor - speed and resistance. There were a few times when the resistance just got too much for me so I would sneakily lower it without anyone seeing. When I first started doing the class, I just thought NO way, this is not for me, but when I relaxed a little and realised that I don't have to keep up that I can adjust the resistance and my speed I felt a lot more comfortable with the whole workout and I even actually enjoyed it a little. I even met a couple of the ladies in the class and we had a bit of a chat afterwards which was nice.

As usual I wore my HRM but also as usual I forgot to put my pedometer on - even though I packed it in my gym bag. Before the cycle class I did the Swiss Ball class which I am starting to love. The instructor - Sally - is excellent and the class is different every week so it never gets boring, but it does seem to get harder each week, but all the classes seem to be getting harder. 

The classes at the gym are done by Les Mills (I think that's the right name) and every so often they have a "new release" which just means new moves and even last night at step, Pammy, the instructor, commented about the new releases and how they seem to push us more. That was good news for me though, because now I know it's not just in my head.

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