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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cassie from Cassie Wants to Believe... has tagged me in this 8 meme. She has given me 8 questions to answer which are :

1. What do you want to be when you grow up?
When I was little I always wanted to be a primary school teacher and that is what I am qualified to do, but I don't know anymore if it's what I want to do. I am actually thinking about becoming a massage therapist and would love to get into the beauty industry when I am goal :)
2. What is your idea of the perfect day?
A day of peace and quite would be perfect. The kids playing all day without a single fight and no crying would be nice. I know it's never going to happen, but I can dream.

3. Have you had your lightbulb moment yet, and if so what was it?
If was after my last pregnancy and I still had to wear those hideous maternity outfits and then one day they started to get tight and I was out-growing maternity clothes - who does that??? I knew then that I had to do something. There was no magic potion (unfortunately) so I joined a gym and WW - I have never looked back.

4. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
I enjoy that I can write whatever I want because it is my blog, but I also love following and reading other blogs. This has really helped me with my weightloss journey and I am very appreciative and grateful to every single one of my blog buddies.

5. If money was no object, how would your life be different?
My life would be stress free - I wouldn' t have to stress about the phone bill coming in the same week as the electricity bill or the car insurance or registration. It would just be heaven not having to worry about a mortgage or where every cent is going just to make sure everything is paid on time every month. I know the old saying "money doesn't buy happiness" and it doesn't, but it sure would help!!

6. Do you believe in regrets?
Yes - I don't like them, but I do believe in them. I think they help shape me and help me to become the best person I can be. I see regrets as similar to mistakes so that way, I can learn from them.

7. What is your favourite thing about yourself?
I think it's my ability to be able to laugh at myself and not take life too seriously. I can find a funny side in just about anything.

8. What is your idea of happily ever after?
Happily ever after for me is living long enough to see my children happy. I want to be at their weddings, I want to be around when they have their own children - I want to be a grandmother.

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