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10 things I hate about being fat!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I have been inspired by Deb and Andrea who have gotten me thinking with their posts about why they hate being fat. So here is my list....

1. I hate the way it makes me feel, how uncomfortable it is.
2. I hate feeling embarrassed in the food court when I buy something that's not the best choice even when I know it's not for me - hubby or kids.
3. I hate being ignored and looked down upon when I go shopping.
4. I hate not having a choice of clothes to wear or buy - I am so over the "fat" clothes shops.
5. I am tired of hating and loathing myself.
6. I am tired of being unhappy all the time and letting my weight get me down.
7. I am sick of food controlling me, but as I am losing the weight I am starting to gain control.
8. I hate the way I can feel myself wobble and jiggle when I try running.
9. I don't want to feel ugly and worthless anymore.
10. I absolutely hate my reflection.

I should probably mention that I lost 2.3 kilos this week which I am sooooo happy with. It just proves to me that all my gym workouts are paying off. I CAN do this!!!

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