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Saturday, October 23, 2010

I did my Zumba class last night and afterwards I spoke to the instructor who is also a very popular personal trainer at the gym and is very hard to get an appointment with. She is like a Jillian Michaels or Michelle Bridges and she pushes you to your limit. I have been doing so many squats and lunges for my legs it's not funny.

I do squats and lunges in body attack, step, pump twice a week, swiss ball, TTT (if I do it) and even in Zumba - there is a leg track. So, my outer thighs are feeling great and once the flubber on the outside goes I will have toned legs. The inner thigh though still needs a lot of work so this is why I asked the instructor what I could do.

She has advised me to do : wide legged squats with toes pointing outwards while holding a 10kg plate : when using the leg press have feet out wide with toes pointing outwards again : leg lifts with a 5 kg plate. I must also include pulses which are very painful. I have added these to my weekly exercise timetable and I am hoping that I do them as pulses are not my favourite. I will just have to see how I go this week I suppose :)

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