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Monday, January 10, 2011

Doesn't this look delicious??? I can't even remember the last time I had a doughnut/donut like this - how do you spell it?? Anyway, it has been so long and this is because I know that I can be doing really, really well, eating all the "right" foods and going to the gym and then in a moment of weakness I buy one from Donut King and BAM, it's all over red rover!!!

My brain, my way of thinking starts to change right in front of my eyes, I start to rationalise why I should be able to have them more often - "Well, if I burn 600 calories at the gym everyday I can eat one every day and this is where I get in trouble because even if I don't go to the gym every day I will still have the sugar everyday, but I am not burning it off and it just becomes a sugar habit, which is a really bad habit.

Therefore, I am making a pledge that this particular sweet is totally banned from my diet as it is a huge trigger food for me as is Nutella, especially on a bowl of ice-cream so I choose not to eat these foods, well things, cause they are not really food.

I was recently in a book store buying a present for a friend when I came across Sweet Poison. I have heard plenty about the book and I was going to buy it when I spotted.
The Sweet Poison Quit Plan and I realised that this was probably the better buy for me. I am really looking forward to reading it and discovering some new ideas on how to overcome the dreaded sugar monster within!!

From this day forward I am saying good bye to sugar! On WW I am in a challenge called "Give up a favourite for a week" so I am now taking that challenge a step further and giving up sugar for good or until I know that a small sample will not send me over the edge and off the rails back to Fatsville.

So until it's under control good bye - and


  1. Yay Effie - you can do it!!!

  2. Hi ya Effie,

    That books sound for me, I think I shall have to look for a copy.

    Sugar is a challenge for me too and I'd love to kick the habit just so I know I can.

    I can also recommend to you a book by Jason Vale aka Juice Master on chocolate... The Simple Way to Stop Eating Chocolate.

    Ps- you have really made my day, perhaps even my year so far for putting my blog on your website list - thank you :0)


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