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The Biggest Loser

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I have just finished watching a series of the UK Biggest Loser from 2006 and the winner was Jodie Prenger. The transformation was incredible as you can see by the before and after photo.

At the moment I can only dream of losing that much weight - she lost just over 46% of her body weight to become the winner which was 9% more than anybody else in the competition. The black dress she is wearing was at the finale and I have seen some photos of her since and looking at those I think she may have put on a little bit of weight since the show, but still a healthy weight.

I know that the Biggest Loser is great and it changes people's lives, but in reality I would love to know how many of the contestants from all over the world have actually kept the weight off? They lose it soooo quickly from extreme exercise and careful calorie controlled diets with nothing to do in the house except train. There was one episode where there was a challenge and the winner got to have a 1 on 1 training session with their trainer, but none of the other contestants were allowed to train - they were all bored and just lazed around the house for the day. One of the contestants even commented "because we weren't allowed to train, there was nothing for us to do".

I know in my life there is no way that I would have nothing to do if I couldn't train. The days I don't get to the gym I try and do something at home, but if the kids are awake, it's impossible cause they want to join in, they lie on my mat, take my hand weights and so on. I am going to attempt to get up earlier and exercise before the kids get up in the morning. I would love to make this a habit of mine. When I had a personal trainer at the gym I used to get up early and go to the gym and I got used to the early mornings and really enjoyed my morning sessions. It made me feel good for the rest of the day so I am going to challenge myself to get back into this habit - it can only be good for me, can't it??

Enough ramble from me today, have a great weekend!

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