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A day in the Park

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I haven't posted since last Friday but it feels like it's been years! Does anyone else feel that way when they haven't posted for a few days??


The thing is I haven't really done much to post about. I went to the gym on Saturday and did my 4 kms practice in a run / walk combination so I am not really sure exactly how much of it was all running, but I did manage to cut 2 mins off my previous time and I also ran off 442 calories.

*Family day out*

On Sunday the family and I went to the Hawthorn Family Fun Day to celebrate the start of the AFL season. The line up to get in when the gates opened at 11.00 am was huge and child #4 managed to fall over and scrape both her knees and there was blood and when there is blood chaos breaks loose. I had to carry this hysterical child while she screamed "I beeding, I beeding", she hasn't worked out that there is an L in bleeding yet, she just needs a little more time.

Anyway we finally got through the gates and to my joy there was a St. John's Ambulance set up for first aid. I asked them if they had a band-Aid or 2 for her knees and they did. They sat her down, washed her knees and put dressing on and I had to fill out some paperwork - very official.

While Holly was having her first aid there was a spin the wheel competition. Tickets were $2 each and husband bought 5 of them, numbers 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50. The winning number was...................20!!!!!! We had that - I couldn't believe it, we had won a football jersey signed by the whole team. How lucky were we!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that, we took the kids over to see the Spongebob show.

Then I took a photo of hubby and the kids with the Hawthorn mascot - that's actually a hawk.

At least the boys are paying attention - Hayden and Ava on the left, Dad, Christian and little Miss "I beeding" on the right. She really wasn't in a good mood and didn't want to be in the photo.

We then spent most of our time waiting in lines to get an autograph or a photo. I managed to get a photo with my favourite player Jarryd Roughead. I wasn't allowed to use my camera, but the club provided a polaroid camera so we got an instant photo. My husband was jealous and offended that I was sooooo excited about my photo.

After waiting in lines most of the day we took the kids over to see the farm animals.

Here's Hayden and Holly (the first aid patient, you can see her bandages) with a guinea pig. She's still cranky and still doesn't want to be in any photos.

Here is Ava with a different guinea pig.

Next is Christian with a, you guessed it, another guinea pig. I'm not sure where he found this one, but I don't think the guinea pig was enjoying itself too much.

I made Christian sit down so the guinea pig would be a little more comfortable.

There were other animals as well, it wasn't just a guinea pig farm. They had the usual goat, sheep, chickens, ducks, rabbits and turtles as well.

Overall it was a good day, the only thing I didn't like was that it was hot and I got a little sunburned on my face despite being covered in suncream and wearing my gigantic sunhat - how does that happen?

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