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Fear Not, I have Returned

Monday, March 14, 2011

OK, I confess! I haven't been doing my Sunday weight session - there I said it. Yesterday was the first time in about 2 months and today I am really sore, but it serves me right for neglecting my favourite session of the week. It comes down to nothing but pure laziness - I am soooo pathetic, boo me!

I have still been doing 2 pump classes a week, but the Sunday weight session on my own, just hasn't been happening. I didn't realise until I did it yesterday how much I have missed it. I had actually forgotten just how much I love it and how peaceful it is for me. Just me, my MP3 filled with my favourite songs and the PT room alllllll to myself, sometimes someone else will wonder in and use the room, but I think I scare them off with my singing.


Yesterday I did a quick warm up on the treadmill, it was really hot yesterday so I only did a 3 min warm up and then headed off to do my weights :

Lat. Pull Down - 47.5kgs x 12 / 45kgs x 12
Chest Press - 22.5kgs x 12 / 20 kgs x 12
Leg Press - 107.5kgs x 12 - 2 sets
Calf Raises - 87.5kgs x 12 - 2 sets
Biceps - 8 kgs x 12 / 7kgs x 12
Triceps - 10kgs x 12 / 9 kgs x 12
Shoulders (above head) 8kgs x 12 - 2 sets
Shoulders (front raises) 7kgs x 12 / 6kg x 12

I then went onto the treadmill with the best of intentions to complete 4 kms in preparation for my Fun Run. I managed to get 2 kms done which I ran - yay!!! first time for me to run that far without stopping. I ended finishing up at 2.25 kms. I don't think doing those leg presses are a good idea before trying to run 4 kms - 2 kms was enough for me yesterday.

*Treadmill HRM Stats*

Time : 18.47 mins
Average Heart Rate : 163
Calories : 236
PI : 22
Average Gradient : 1%
Average Speed : 7.2
Distance : 2.25 kms

*Overall HRM Stats*

Time: 64.27 mins
Calories : 563
Average Heart Rate : 140
Maximum Heart Rate : 176
In Zone : 34.57 mins

1 comment:

  1. Great job on your workout! You're really strong. I can't do those weights. Too funny about your singing scaring people away! I feel the same way about weights workouts. Sometimes I get lazy to do them, but when I start, I wonder why I don't do it more often. It's sort of relaxing to get into your own little weight lifting zone.


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