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Have Caution with Portions

Monday, March 21, 2011

Since I have left WW I have decided that I really need to get back to basics and I am starting with portion sizes. Someone once said "there are no bad foods, just bad portions" so that is wear my focus lies this week.

The average sized adult place setting is way to big. It is way more than a standard portion size, so the first thing I have done is gotten myself some "new" plates and bowls. Well, really I have just stolen the kids.

It's a little bit of a head game that I play with myself as I like to have a full bowl or a full plate and 40 grams of cereal barely covers the bottom of my usual cereal bowl, but now it fills it right up and I feel as though I have had a huge bowl of cereal. This is my new bowl - the Littlest Pet Shop.

Speaking of cereal, I have found a new favourite. It's the Sanitarium Light 'n' tasty range - I love, love, love the Macadamia & Honey with Oat clusters. Even though I am not doing WW anymore, it is 4 PP for 40 grams and in my new bowl I only need 1/2 a cup of milk to go with it and that 1/2 a cup is the perfect amount of milk. Just enough so the cereal doesn't stick to the roof of your mouth and you don't have a heap left over at the end which for me, usually beckons for a re-fill of cereal to use up the extra milk.
Here is my new plate. I can just about cover Winnie the Pooh with a single portion size, but on a "normal" dinner plate, it is only half full. Again, this is where my head games come in and because I like to see a full plate, Pooh and friends comes in very handy.

Just an extra close up cause I think it's cute!
The only over-sized portion I will allow myself is my faithful old water glass. It holds 600mls and I drink at least 4 of these a day. I like to try and have 5 of them, but that's not possible all the time. I know it looks pink, but that's because I put in a touch of Apple and Raspberry Diet Rite cordial. I don't have it too often which is a good thing, but sometimes I just need a bit of flavour. My husband actually likes it as well so I only get 2 or maybe 3 glasses out of the 2L bottle. It's a fairly strong flavour so you only need a tiny bit as well to be satisfied with the taste. Please excuse the mess on the table - I think it may be spilt milk from the kids breakfast that I didn't wipe up properly.


  1. i love this idea!

    i may have to try it!

  2. That's the way to do it! Way to find a way to keep yourself on track :)


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