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4 Sleeps to go Woooo Hoooo

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am really excited at the moment cause my treadmill arrives on Wednesday - that's 4 sleeps away. I have been wanting a treadmill for ages cause I am finding it more and more difficult to get to the gym.

If I try to go in the morning the tiniest bit of noise wakes someone up and when one kiddie is awake it's only seconds before the others are awake as well "I want to get changed", "I want toast", "I want cereal", "I want milk" and it goes on and on and the next thing I know it's time to take child #1 to school and then husband needs the car for work and that's my morning gone.

When I go at night time I have to wait till husband is home from work so I can have the car and so he can watch the kids, but there is a lot of restructuring going on at his work and all the hours are changing which means he is finishing work later and later which means I can't get to the gym until 8 pm and it closes at 8.30pm. So, I decided to cancel my gym membership, which is upsetting cause I do love going when I can get there but I have replaced it with a treadmill :)

I have also got some exercise DVD's (and videos) at home that I can do so I won't miss out on my step class. I think the only thing that I will really miss from the gym is my weights and pump classes. Hubby has told me that he will show me a lot strength exercises I can do just using my own body weight and at the moment, that is a lot of weight so I should still be nice and toned ready for when the fat suit finally comes off.

Remember these old aerobic outfits? The high bikini or the g-string bikini with the skirt over the top? Well that's what they are wearing in my old (just like me) Step VIDEO - niiiiice.

I have also canceled my WW membership as I only check in once a week to weigh in and that is the only time I use it. I have the ProPoints calculator and I know how the program works and I know what I should and shouldn't be eating so I am going to see how I go over the next month or two. I can always go back if things start to go horribly wrong (like they aren't already) I should probably say get worse than they are now. The thing I will miss the most about WW is the people on the boards - they are all great and full or support when you need it, but like I said, I can always go back.

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  1. I sooo want a treadmill. Sadly, we have no place to put one :(. If we put it in the basement, we'd hit our heads on the ceiling while running. Not good.

    Best of luck going it alone with out WW. You know the program and you have the tools. Make it work! :)


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