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"I Shall Beat Myself with this Spaghetti"

Friday, March 4, 2011

All I could hear in my head last night was the voice of Rene Artois saying "You stupid woman!" I was a huge fan of Allo Allo, in fact, I was the only one in my family that appreciated the show, but I have been told many times by them and friends that I have "a weird sense of humour" so I guess that's why, out of everyone I know, that I was the only one that found the show funny.


"Now listen very carefully, for I shall say this only once" (sorry another quote from the show, which was used every episode). Anyway, the reason I could here Rene, the Cafe owner who had a swarm of women fighting for his affections (in front of his wife) telling me I was a "stupid woman" was because I made it to the gym by 6.30pm for my pump class and because I was rushing and only just made the class I forgot to turn my HRM on so I missed the data for the first 25 mins of the class.

After pump I wasn't feeling too bad so I decided to practice my running. I set the treadmill for 2 kms and started to run, some may call it a jog, but for me it's a run. I had my newly updated MP3 playing my "running" songs and I was actually keeping up with the beat of the music and found myself running at a speed of 9. This is huge for me!! I used to have to run at 7 and now I can easily run at 8-8.5. I was starting to feel it a bit at 9, but I noticed that I was nearly at the 2 kms - it was 1.9? kms so I thought I will just keep going till I hit 2 kms cause the machine will go to cool down mode and it will slow down for me, but before that happened I accidentally hit the emergency stop button and the treadmill just stopped (like it should) but I lost all of my data.

I had no idea how long it had taken me, how many calories I had burned, what my average speed or gradient was, I was really annoyed. I know it's not a huge deal, but I am one of those people who likes to know all this information so I can try and do better the next time, I think it may be another one of my OCD's. I say one of, because I have a huge peg OCD, but that is a whole other story!

I then remembered my HRM and thought I could get some info. off that so I wasn't too worried anymore. I had looked at it during my running and saw 749 and thought WOW that's a lot of calories gone then remembered I had done pump before so my heart rate was already up from that - yeah, that makes sense!! I thought I will try and get to 1000 calories so I started the treadmill again and kept going. While running I checked my HRM and saw 808 and thought to myself, that it was taking a while for the calories to get to 1000 so I just decided to stop at 1 km as I was feeling tired now too.

I keep a record of my HRM data and when I went to do that I noticed that it wasn't even on. I had stopped it after pump to record my pump data (36mins, 249 calories) and then I didn't start it again for the treadmill, so that 749 and 808 was actually the time and that's why it was taking so long to burn anymore calories - what an idiot! - "you stupid woman"

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  1. Oh Effie, I had to have a little giggle at that. My husband and I watch Allo Allo, I just bought him the first 2 seasons on DVD :D So I know who, what and the quotes that you're talking about :D hehehehehe


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