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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

First up I had a weigh-in today and I gained :( It was only 200 grams so that is not too bad right? right? I think I'm trying to convince myself that it's not bad. It's not really a huge gain, but it just shouldn't have happened at all so I am a little disappointed. It also puts things into perspective as well and shows me that I need to do more i.e. eat less & move more - SIMPLE! I can do that! can't I? Yes I can - now I sound like Bob the Builder.

While exploring a couple of blogs tonight, I came across a great post over on Peanut Butter Fingers called Healthy Living for Beginners which I found really helpful giving me a new sense of motivation. The tips Julie has given are easy and the whole post just made sense to me.

Moving right along...........My kids are really into the Toy Story movies at the moment and today I decided to pull out my older son's old Toy Story toys - Buzz, Woody and Bullseye.

I had no trouble finding Buzz because I knew exactly where he was, but Woody and Bullseye weren't where I thought they were - with Buzz. I did find Woody's hat though! After several hours of "I want Woody" over and over I decided to get my box list and find the box of old toys in the garage - to my delight it didn't take too long to find - Buzz, Woody and Bullseye have been reunited once again in our household. The kids have had the best day playing with these toys. 

Anyway while I was searching a couple of boxes (the list is a little outdated) I came across my old 30 Day Fat Burner Workout cards. I think I will be dusting them off and giving them ago - again. I have been meaning to get them out of the garage so I think it was fate stepping in today with the toys otherwise I wouldn't have been bothered to go through the boxes. I might have to look into setting myself a new challenge. Here is a picture of the box -

As you can see the cards have an Introduction, a couple of warm ups, a couple of cool downs and then cards numbered 1 through 30. Some days have 2 cards while others just have the 1 card.

The next pic. is of Day 1 (2 cards). An easy press-up to get you started and some walking intervals.

These next 2 cards are from Days 14 & 15 - some boxing and skipping, love the variety.

I am hopeless at skipping. Whenever I attempt it at home hubby ends up rolling around the floor laughing at me. I remember a boxing circuit at the gym that included skipping and when I was doing the skipping, the instructor was looking at me and saying "If you can't skip, just pretend to use the rope" so of course the whole room looks over at the skipping station. There were a few giggles coming from around the room, but that's OK because I was one of them. It was a fairly small class full of regulars so we all knew each other pretty well.

This last card is from Day 30 (only 1 card this day), but I just wanted to show you the difference in the exercises as you progress through the month - last day running and sprinting.

It's not a bad way to keep the workout varied and interesting and all for the bargain price of $7. I got mine from Big W a few years ago so I don't know if they are still available.


  1. I've been playing this weight loss game for a long time now. Please don't get freaked out over a 200 gram gain. Really the body does the strangest things sometimes. If you had done what I did this week, put on 6.5lbs then you'd have every right to freak out. You could of had a tad more salt in your diet or its hormones makeing you retain water.

    Just keep donig the right things.

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