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It's Crunch Time

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Noooo, not that sort of Crunch, this sort of Crunch.........

.......with Michelle Bridges. OH My Goodness!! What a lot to take in.

I was supposed to be reading Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth, but before I had a chance to start it I found my Crunch Time. I have one of those old fashioned magazine racks next to my bed where I keep all my books that I don't want to get rid of and the kids are forever going through it, taking stuff and adding things, like toast - Who doesn't want pieces of toast next to them while they sleep?? As I was cleaning it out I found my good old Crunch Time book and I am so glad I did. I think the elves (kids) finally returned it from wherever it has been hiding.

I was given Crunch Time at least 2 years ago by my dear hubby because it is what I asked for. I never finished reading it and after starting it again last night I now know why. I have actually been carrying it around the house with me for about a week in hopes of starting it and finally, last night I did.

Now, when I say that it's a lot to take in, I don't mean that it's hard reading, you don't need a PHD in biochemistry of anything, but it is quite a deep book. Michelle really gets to the reasons why you are how you are - "If you do not deal with the psychological aspect of weight loss, the physical just isn't going to happen".

I have learned a lot from this book and I am only up to page 24 - lots of *homework*. The first little exercise given was writing the answers to 8 questions. With each question you have to decide what actions you are going to take to change the behaviour and then give yourself a commitment level rating. This exercise is done in a bid to uncover the truth about yourself and find out just how committed you are to changing your life for the better, it's all about self-awareness.

Michelle states "If this introspection has resulted in some enlightenment, a couple of 'oh my God's' or even a mini breakdown, then you're well on the way to major change. Or perhaps you came to the conclusion that you're not ready to make the change, that your time isn't now - and that's okay too. This is about you being okay with what you choose. It's about truly coming to terms with what you want, or don't want and then absolutely choosing it - owning it." I think this is maybe why I didn't finish reading the book the first time - maybe I wasn't ready then and that it wasn't my time. I am more than ready now and I am looking forward to finishing the rest of the book.

The first 8 questions :
  1. I am overweight because I.............
  2. I overeat because I...........
  3. I turn to food when things go bad/good because I...........
  4. I pretend I don't care, when I really do because I............
  5. I eat alone or behind closed doors because I..........
  6. I beat myself up after I've overeaten because I...........
  7. I always put weight back on again after losing it because I..............
  8. I don't take better care of myself because I..............
I had the most trouble answering #4. Writing down what actions I need to do in order to change these behaviours was easier and the easiest part was giving myself the commitment ratings (1 - 10). I would have liked to have given myself a perfect 10 for each question but my ratings ranged from 6 - 10 with the determination of improving the lower ratings.

The next bit of writing was my "Payoffs" and "Costs" list

I came up with 2 "Payoffs"
  1. I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want and not be responsible or accountable
  2. I use my weight as an excuse to be lazy
So far I have come up with 15 "Costs" and I am sure I could think of many more - here are 5 of them :
  1. Avoid social situations cause of embarrassment
  2. Health issues
  3. Nothing to wear
  4. No energy
  5. Extremely unhappy
The costs definitely outweigh the payoffs!!

Next in my notebook, I had to list my top 5 "destructive" habits. In the next column I had to replace my destructive habits with supportive habits - I was shocked at how easy this task was. I felt there were a couple of other habits that needed listing so I ended up with 7 habits to change.

My number 1 habit :
  1. Blaming others / things / emotions for my eating habits
I have replaced this with :
  • Take responsibility for my own actions. Make better choices for myself.

The last task I had to complete last night, well I didn't have to do it, but I wanted to - progress!!!!. The last task was making a list of things to do other than eating. The list is meant to go on the fridge where it can be easily seen and added to.

So far I have 19 on my list : (I won't bore you with all of them)
  • Drink a glass of water
  • Make a cup of tea, sit down and read some blogs
  • Vacuum / sweep the floor
  • Plan my food / calories for the entire week
  • Colour-in with the kids
  • Dance to the fairies with the kids
  • Ironing (not my favourite, but it needs to be done at some point)
I am enjoying the book so far and have actually learned some things about myself and my behaviours - not bad for the first 24 pages. I have also learned that Michelle is human too - she has her own weaknesses - Greek Yoghurt...........

Michelle explains how her yoghurt became a 3 times a week habit until she noticed her "butt taking on the same shape as the yoghurt tub". Michelle would then park around the other side of the building where she didn't have to walk past the cafe and eat a piece of fruit to take her mind off the youghurt - this is what she calls "outmanoeuvre your weakness" and goes hand in hand with changing habits. I am sure I will read more on this later tonight.

I think it may be time to bring in my *Give up a favourite for a Week* Challenge. I find that going without a favourite for a week really does help me with my weight loss especially the weeks that I gave up bread. I still get plenty of carbs, but I am addicted to bread, any type of bread and it is a real temptation for me to have in the house.

On that note, this week I am giving up............


  1. That book looks awesome! I think we all need to get to the real reason why we carry the weight (something I intend to work on). Your stories about your kids crack me up, leaving toast near your bed, throwing toys at you while your on the treadmill ha ha. You sound like a great Mum, I love being a Mum it's the best thing I have ever done in my life and lucky me I did it twice.
    Anyway I am rambling now but I just wanted to wish you luck and I am sure you can get to your goal by December fellow Ninja :)

  2. That book sounds very interesting. I'm going to have to look it up as I truly believe that dealing with why we overeat is imperative to weight loss.

    Thanks for sharing!


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