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101 things in 1001 days - #92

Monday, May 2, 2011

#92 Hold a snake

Fortunately for me when the family and I were at a local street festival yesterday, there was a stall called Snake Busters. I knew that holding a snake was on my list so I used yesterday as an opportunity to cross off one of my *things*.

As unflattering as my current photos are I like it because it's proof that I have done something that I never thought I would ever do in my life, hold a snake. I am not very fond of snakes of any kind and I think this little sand python picked up on this . Just after my hubby took this photo of me smiling and talking at the same time "quick, take the photo", this little snake turned his attention to me full force.

He started to turn and navigate his head towards me. I was quite happy with him facing away from me, but all of a sudden I think he wanted to give me a kiss. I just kept putting my arm under his body and moving it away from me, but he kept coming back closer and closer. I was fine as long as his head wasn't near mine, but he just wouldn't take NO for an answer. It was like on TV when you see the snake slithering around and the person just keeps moving their arms so the snake has something to slither on - that's what I was doing but in an attempt to keep his little face away from me. Eventually I was rescued and the little sand python made his way onto some other shoulders.

I feel as though this *thing* is a small triumph for me because I proved to myself that I can do things that really put me waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone.


  1. Well done!! It's a great photo. We need to see the rest of yoru list!

  2. I cringed and wanted to cry for you seeing you hold that snake. That's pretty cool that you did it though. : )


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