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Happy Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Well, my mother's day started early - 5.30 am. This year I was participating in the Mother's Day Classic Fun Run so I had to get up early enough to get myself ready and then the kids (and husband), in the end we left about 15 mins late. The kids had a great time in the park with dad while I did my run.

When we got home, I freshened up in the shower and then we opened up the mother's day presents. Hayden (12) got me a teapot and tea tidy - good choice Hayden! He knows I love my tea.

Holly gave me a crepe pan, she is only 3, but it is a good choice from dad.

Ava (4) gave me a Poffertjes (Dutch pancake) pan - another good choice from dad.

Christian (also 3) gave me a High Tea cook book - good choice from mum.

The weather wasn't very nice, it was overcast and cold so we stayed in and just hung around the house. Both mine and my husband's mothers live in Brisbane (we are in Melbourne) and there are no other relatives here with us, so it is just us on these special occasions.

I was happy to lounge around the house as I was a little sore from my run, especially my feet so I ended the day with a nice hot cucumber foot soak.

I've never noticed how ugly my feet actually are - you will have to excuse them!

1 comment:

  1. Love the High Tea cookbook! I'm an American who loves having tea. I'm also a coffee drinker, so I call myself a social tea drinker. I drink in evenings and parties. My kids love tea as well.

    Might have to put that book on a wishlist of sorts for myself...

    BTW - I think "pretty" feet are rare...glad you're content enough with yourself to share that pic. It sounds so good to soak feet now as I just returned from a windy walk. :)


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