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The 30 Day Shred Continues

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

On to Tuesday! A much better workout today, but that's because I actually did one. As usual I started with the Shred DVD - Day 4 done, only 26 days to go.

I did find the workout a little easier today in some areas. The jumping jacks I still don't like, but I don't think I ever will no matter how good (or bad) I am at them. The squat and press up still hurts so I am very thankful that it is at the beginning of the DVD to get it out of the way.

Again, I followed up the DVD with 30 mins on the treadmill. This has become my new favourite workout lately. I just feel it is a great finish to the DVD - get smashed by Jillian and then smash myself with a good interval workout.

Workout #8*

*Cool Down*

*HRM Stats*


  1. Well done to you for doing this; I'm definitely on the road to losing weight now as I'm so unfit! Have decided to join a gym and get motivated.

    I'm following you from Tuesday's blog hop.
    CJ xx

  2. The jumping jacks and jump rope are the worst part! At least most of that is in the 1st circuit, so you get it over with!!


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