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Working It Out on a Sunday

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I started today's workout with day 3 of the 30 Day Shred! My arms during the squat and press up are really feeling it. I am only using 1 kilo hand weights as well, but boy it hurts. I even noticed earlier on when I was rearranging cupboards and moving coat hangers around, my shoulders were burning. I am hoping it will get easier, but at the moment it seems to be getting harder each day. I am beginning to wonder if I am just weird in some way :)

After my "Shred" (as Jillian calls it) I wasn't in the mood for a huge treadmill workout so I ended up modifying a 30 min workout down to a quick 15 mins just to finish off my session and burn a few more calories.

*Treadmill Workout*

*Cool Down*

*HRM Stats*

I am actually really enjoying my workouts. I am getting to know the Shred DVD and I know it's the first part of the DVD that really hurts so I enjoy the second half and am already looking forward to level 2. I am not going to push myself though so I still have 7 days of level 1 to go.

The treadmill interval workouts are fantastic! I absolutely love them :0 Not only do I burn heaps of calories, but the time just flies. I am really glad that I have 'quick keys' on the treadmill though so when it calls for a change of incline or speed I can just hit a button instead of having to hit the speed or incline buttons 20 times to get to where I want to. Jillian's 20 mins goes by pretty fast as well, but I think that's because the workout is also broken into intervals.

There is nothing better than a workout that just flies by and leaves you feeling great :)

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  1. Haha, the burn in your shoulders WILL subside as you get more used to Level 1... but it will begin again with Level 2! ;) Keep it up, you can do it!!!


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