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A Quick and Speedy Workout

Friday, July 8, 2011

My Thursday workout was a quick and speedy one. This was due to a couple of things (1) my knee is still a little sore from Tuesday and (2) I didn't even start it until 9 pm. This is where the 30 Day Shred comes in very handy - it's only 20 mins and with a little bit of stretching at the end it is still under 30 mins in total.

*Day 6*

On the Shred DVD is Jillian (of course) and she has 2 other ladies with her. Both Jillian and Anita are wearing a similar outfit to the one on the cover of the DVD, while Natalie wears shorts and a singlet top.

In the middle of the DVD my 4 year old daughter informed me that "I can wear clothes like that", all I could manage was an "ooooh." She then continued on with her insight and told me "you can't wear those clothes because you're fat." Charming!!

*HRM Stats*


  1. Kids...they always say what's on their mind, even when we definitely DON'T want to hear it!

    Good job on your workout!

  2. You are such an inspiration! Kudos to you for keeping up the Shred! I haven't been consistent with that part of it (still working out with the trainer, though), so I am curious to see what kind of results you can really get after the 30 days! Great job!


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