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Fashionable Friday

Friday, August 12, 2011

This is a new motivational concept that I got from Erika over at The ME I Want to Be.  Like me, Erika needs to write about something other than how much weight I lost this week so, with her permission, I have totally stolen her idea of Fashionable Friday to add some visual inspiration.  

What girl doesn't want to wear a pretty feminine designer dress??  I would love to, but at the moment, no decent, let alone designer, ensemble fits me.  So, without further ado, let Fashionable Friday begin!

I want to wear...............

floral Vintage dress by Emerge


  1. Hi,there. Thanks for passing by and participating in Monday Mingle at I am now following via GFC and would love to add you to my followers too.

    P.S. Have we connected on Facebook yet?

  2. Hi Jane!

    Sorry it's taken me a moment to come over and "visit."

    I love the dress!!! So feminine. Are you going to purchase the dress for motivation? If you don't want to purchase it at the designer price one think you can do is create a google alert. A Google alert will send you an email letting you know that somewhere out in the world wide web someone is selling it, talking about, blogging about it. So whether someone listed it for a great price on ebay or the designer is selling it at rock bottom prices you will be the first to know!!!

    I can't wait to see what you post for this Friday!!!


  3. That dress is beautiful. I think I would have a bit of an issue getting my nungas to fit in it though... ;)


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