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Sunday, August 7, 2011

*Weigh-in this morning brings me 2.5 kilos closer to fitting into my little black dress* 

Once again I am 100 kilos on the nose.  I am glad that I had a loss of 2.5 kilos, but I am not so glad that it is "once again".  I am sick of the yo-yoing, I am really over it and I am never, never, never going over 100 again.


Breakfast this morning was made in my new mini non-stick fry-pan.  It is the perfect size for 1 lonely egg which I teamed with a slice a Cape Seed loaf.

As it turned out, the non-stick wasn't so non-stick after all and I had a little trouble getting the egg out of the pan, but it was cooked perfectly to my liking and I enjoyed every last bite.  Luckily the kids didn't even want to try it which meant I didn't have to share.  I also sipped on a nice hot cup of green bean coffee. 


  1. Well done Jane!!! 2.5 kg is an awesome loss.

    That lbd is gorgeous ... I love it. Can't wait to see a photo of you in it.

    Ps I can post my boardies down to you if you really do feel like trying them on!

  2. My friend has two toddlers that think that all the adults must share their food. They always get disappointed when they get to me...

  3. Congrats on moving closer to fitting into your LBD. Drives me nuts when a non-stick pan is not non-stick!

    Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday!

  4. great job on your weight loss! Your breakfast looks delicious!

  5. Thanks for heading over from the blog hop!! WAY TO GO on your weight loss!!! Each step brings you closer! Pretty soon you'll be forgetting to take rest days!!!

  6. 2.5 kg is phenomenal!!!

    and I love that you have a goal outfit you can see...makes it so worth it!


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