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A doozy of a Workout

Saturday, August 6, 2011

*This is what I wanted to do after about 14 mins*

Fridays workout consisted of speed workout #4 on the treadmill.  It was hard, really hard for me and I just wanted to crawl away and go to sleep.  I had to modify some of the workout just to get through it.  However, I have decided to use my lack of fitness as motivation and set myself a new goal.  That goal is to be able to complete workout #4.  I am not going to say complete it with ease or complete it and have more left in the tank, I just want to be able to complete it without modifying anything about it.

*Speed Intervals #4*

*HRM Stats*
  • Duration : 36.52 mins
  • Calories : 391
  • Average HR : 157
  • Maximum HR : 186
  • In Zone : 13.37 mins
  • Distance : 3.5 kms 
I am also going to keep note of calories and distance when following the workout without any amending!


  1. Great Workout! I really enjoyed browsing your blog - i'm a new follower! from Friday Fitness

  2. Oh my goodness!!! That looks insanely tough!


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