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A VERY late breakfast!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Love the purple leopard print leotard :)
No mucking about today, I am running sooooo late!


This morning's workout consisted of a trusty old favourite - an interval workout on the treadmill.  I couldn't decided whether to do speed or incline, but luckily I have a few combination intervals on hand to choose from - the lucky winner was workout #12 (I wasn't so lucky - it was hard).  Fortunately, I was forced to stop and take a naughty miss Holly upstairs for hair pulling - her punishment was bed, she hates it.  

I had to stop at around the 27th minute. My legs were so grateful until I hit the stairs - my legs were burning all the way up and felt as though they were covered in concrete.  I was relieved to get back onto the treadmill.  Those last 3 minutes felt like an hour!  It was actually easier for me to do a slow, shuffling, jog type movement than to walk - my legs were burning, but I suppose that is what a workout is supposed to do.  It's not meant to be easy :)

Minute Speed Incline
26 - 27 4 13
27 - 28 6 13
28 - 29 6 14
29 - 30 6 15

After the 30 min interval workout I had done 2.7kms so I thought I would just walk slowly as my cool down until I got to 3 kms.  Once I got to the 3kms I decided to do 5 kms.  I tput the speed up to 8 and just jogged for a little while and then threw in some random intervals ranging between speeds of 4 - 12 to get the heart rate moving and burn some calories.  I then finished off the workout with Week 2, Day 3 of my squat challenge. 

*HRM Stats*

  • Duration : 1 hour 2.26 mins
  • Calories : 623
  • Average HR : 155
  • Maximum HR :233
  • In Zone : 22.34 mins
  • Distance : 5.1 kms

*Very Late Breakfast*

Today's breakfast was delicious and very late - I didn't have breakfast until 1 pm which I know is really bad, but due to in-law circumstances, it couldn't be helped.  My sister-in-law thinks that because I don't work, even though I have 4 kids and a husband to clean up look after, that I have nothing better to do than apply for jobs for her 19 year old son.  

The sad thing is that my husband seems to agree with her. I told him last night about the 9 new jobs she had found for me to apply for.  I told him that I can't understand why I am having to apply for jobs for a 19 year old?  His response was "because he won't do it" so I asked why can't your sister do it then?  Arse face Hubby said "she doesn't know how to upload documents plus she has to work all day"  I find the whole situation upsetting and it makes me want to cry :(  I am so glad I have my treadmill to take my frustrations out on otherwise sometimes I think I would just break down (and not get back up).  That's enough frivolity for now :0 On to breakfast - it was a real treat.

*Breakfast Egg Wrap*
  • Crushed garlic
  • Sliced mushrooms
  • Baby spinach leaves
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 pita

I started by putting some crushed garlic and a little bit of water in my fry-pan (I very seldom cook with oil, it was something I picked up from WW the first time I joined back in 1817).

Next I threw in some sliced mushrooms which I cooked down a little and then added some baby spinach leaves until they were cooked (or wilted).

Once the mushroom and spinach were ready, I removed them from the heat and started to dry-fry my egg whites in my new mini pan.

I didn't really think too much ahead because when I did (think) I wondered how I would flip my egg?  I decided to drain my mushroom mix, which turned out to be a good idea and use the bigger pan to finish off the eggs.

Look at all those extra juices - not good for a wrap, glad I drained
Yummo!  I love fried egg whites

Lastly, I put the mushroom mix onto my pita (I think a tortilla , Lavash or Mountain Bread would work really well with this as well), ripped up my egg white patty, threw that on top of the veges........... 

.........folded the wrap and ate.  It was really good, much better than I was expecting.  The garlic really made a difference to the flavour - I am a huge garlic fan :)

I was still a little hungry after my breakfast wrap so I chopped up a green apple and ate it with a low-fat, stawberry Jalna youghurt.  It hadn't had Jalna before and I was surprised at how thick and creamy it was for a low-fat yoghurt. 

Can't wait to try the vanilla flavour.  Should I eat it with an orange or stick to my traditional yoghurt mate of apples??  No, I have strawberries in the fridge, I will definitely have it with those.  I can't really handle yoghurt on it's own - another weird, texture thing.

Off to bath the kiddies, have a great night!


  1. Your breakfast egg wrap looks great! How do you think it'll be in a flour tortilla. I thnk I'll try it tomorrow!! Thank you!

  2. I used to work 3 to 4 days a week from home (in a 9-5 job) and everyone including the hubby thought that because I was home I could still do everything else at the same time ... no I'm working.

    Your nephew really should be applying for the jobs himself ... his problem if he doesn't ... you have too much on your hands!


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