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Home Decorating - While I was Sleeping

Monday, September 12, 2011

"Look at moi, I've got one word to say to you, Pinterest".  It is soooo addictive and such a time waster.  I just love it and I can't believe it took me so long to catch on!  It is great for all types of things, inspiration, home decorating, organising ideas, food, the list just goes on.  

Basically I can find anything I want, pin it to one of my many boards and it's there forever.  Easy access to all the things I love, such as my Home Decorating Ideas.  Unfortunately my husband will never have doesn't have Pinterest, he's just not a pinning type of guy.  He is however, a horse man.  No, he doesn't look like one,  he just loves the animal, maybe I could open a Pinterest account for him and just fill it with horses.  He hates loves how I know the passwords to all his stuff, like his facebook account - I love changing his profile info and picture to something really embarrassing when he's at work - I think it's hilarious and I just can't understand why hubby doesn't think it's funny?????  He can try and change his passwords, but they always have something to do with his football team or horses - so predictable mwuhhahahahahahahah!

Anyhooo, totally digressing, my husband obviously doesn't have access to my home decorating ideas because when I got up this morning, I noticed a couple of changes in our kitchen - "noice, different, unusual"......

Here are some more home decorating ideas by my husband that you may enjoy :)

Calendar near computer

Also near computer

Kitchen Decor - mmmmmm

Gooooo Buddy!!

Doorbell  speaker thing in kitchen

Please, please don't be jealous of my husband's decorating abilities.  I am sure 100% positive it is very easy to replicate and anyone can have this look.  All it takes is a little imagination!


  1. *runs out to shops to replicate decorating* bahahahahahahaha. Oh dear Jane, that's all I can say, oh dear, lol.

  2. @Bec
    You can find some of the decorating ideas at Rebel Sport or just collect them out of the weekend newspaper :)

  3. Too too funny Jane!!! I think my hubby may have gone to the same school of decorating as yours ... he just doesn't understand why i don't want a framed picture of donald bradman in the lounge room - classic art.

    I had to go to pinterest rehab - it was taking up way way too much of my time!

    Hope you had a great weekend! x Sammy


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