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Big Plans, Little Motivation

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

**WARNING**  This post is a little gross, but if you have ever had sick kids you should be OK!

I had big exercise plans for this week.  I sat down last week and planned what I would be doing on the treadmill for the upcoming week.  It looked like this :

Sunday 9 October 2011 - Saturday 15 October 2011

  • Sunday : incline
  • Monday : incline & speed
  • Tuesday : speed
  • Wednesday : incline & speed
  • Thursday : incline
  • Friday : speed
  • Saturday : speed

Looks simple enough?  Well so far, this has occurred..................

 This sums up exactly how I have been feeling :(

It's not because I don't want to do it, but I am just soooooo tired.  The kids have been sick since last Thursday.  I can't even remember how many pairs of underpants Christian went through!  Then Ava woke up at 2am vomiting and I was up with her till 5ish.  Every 20 mins she would wake and puke.  I had that special mummy alarm and every single time she moved I would jump up and grab that bucket whether she needed it or not resulting in no sleep for me.  

This has been going on since last Thursday with Holly and Hayden joining in as well.  I think I went without sleep from midnight till about 5 am Thursday through to Monday.   It was like a production line.  Clean up vomit, clean up poo, move onto the next kid and repeat.  The kids all seemed better yesterday and slept through the night, but I didn't, I am now the one who is up all night in the bathroom with a bucket.  I love how the kids just sleep through it and how none of them get up to help me.  Luckily though, I make it to the bathroom in time and none of my sheets need changing :) 

The kids are still not 100%, the vomit has stopped, but other end just keeps on going with them and it is driving me crazy.  Poor Hayden ended up with a face full of vomit the other night.  Christian leaned over the edge of his bed (bunks) to vomit and it landed on Hayden's head.  I was already up with Ava and her bucket when I heard something coming from the boys room.  The next minute Hayden walks in with vomit dripping from his hair into his face.  He was close to tears when me mumbled "Christian vomited on me", I couldn't help but laugh.  Unfortunately, Hayden didn't see the funny side at the time, but at least he laughed about it later - after his shower.

The worst thing about all of this is the lack of sleep = lack of motivation = lack of desire to eat well and all I want to eat is....

Today I had the biggest urge to just guzzle 5 litres of coke, but I resisted and had water instead.  Also, I have no desire to cook anything healthy for myself, but I forced the issue cause I knew that with my lack of exercise, the last thing I couldn't afford to do was to binge on all things sugar.  I steamed up a pile of veggies the other day and they have been a quick and easy go to dinner.  I just re-heat and eat.  I have discovered that the veggies are delicious with a sprinkling of shredded cheese (melted on top) and a drizzling of Ranch dressing.

I am also lacking any desire to jump onto the treadmill at the moment.  I think I just need a good night or two of sleep and everything will be back to normal - I hope!

My motto for this week is :


  1. I felt bad when I giggled about your son throwing up on the other but then I saw that you giggled too! Really after all this all there is left is to giggle! I hope everyone is healthy and strong soon and you can get back on track!

  2. Ah Jane - I hope the family is all better now ... there is just nothing worse - don't you love that mummy alarm!

    Sugar Free Maple Syrup - It's a queens brand at you can get it at coles and wollies - its with the golden syrup ... actually it's sugar free maple flavoured syrup.
    Savoury Yeast Flakes - just go to the health food store they definately should have it, it may also be called Nutritional Yeast. The brand I have at the moment is engevita, it's in a tin and I got it from GNC for around $10.00.

    The slice below looks yum!

  3. You poor thing..I wouldn't be working out with that going on in my home either. This sounds like a week to simply take care of the family and keep yourself rested as much as you can. You'll come back, just finish getting better first. :) *hug*

  4. :( No wonder you're tired. It sounds like you've had a hard week!! Hope everyones feeling better now.


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