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Fashionable Friday

Friday, October 14, 2011

Welcome to Fashionable Friday.  I love this (Erika's) idea because finding nice clothes that aren't purchased at Autograph, My Size or Big City Chic really is motivating.  I hate those stores and very seldom buy anything from those stores anymore, but if I have to, at least I am a small there now.  I can't wait until I am too small to shop there altogether and I know that once I hit that size 16 mark, those fat clothes shops will be a thing of my permanent past.

It will be so nice to one day be able to just put my arm in the closet and grab anything knowing it will fit.  I am really, really over trying on tops and pants to see if they (still) fit and if I look decent enough to leave the house in them.  Erika's outfit of the week has a bit of a wild touch to it and as usual, very chic.  She has a taste for fashion which I am glad she is willing to share :)

I want to wear.................

textured cross front dress (in deep blush) by Grace Hill

I even bought this dress (on sale for $39 reduced from $89)  in a size 12.  It should arrive next week sometime and then I can hang it in my closet and look at it everyday for some extra motivation.  


  1. Beautiful! I'd like to wear something like that one day and not be afraid of the waist area sitting on my belly...I guess if/when I get to a size 12 that shouldn't happen. :)

  2. love the dress Jane. Can't wait to see a photo of you in it. xx sammy


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