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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I have the most charming children in the world!  My dress(es) that I ordered last week arrived today to mine and the kids excitement.  The kids were really excited thinking the parcel was for them and even though it wasn't they still showed a lot of interest.

I opened it to find the dresses I had ordered and I was asked :
  • Holly - "whose are those?"
  • Me - "mine, these are for me"
  • Christian - "pretty"
  • Me - "they are pretty"
  • Ava - "they won't fit you"
  • Me - "soon they will"
  • Ava - "but you're fat"
  • Me - "I got them for when I'm not fat anymore"
  • Ava - "how long is that going to take?"
I chose to end the conversation there, it was getting a little depressing.  At least Holly and Christian had positive things to say to me.  Ava picked up one of the dresses, held it up to herself and proclaimed "well, it fits me."

These are the dresses in question (all 3 cost $107)

Cross Front Dress in deep blush by Grace Hill 
and also a Fashionable Friday dress
Ruffle Dress in floral print by Emerge
crinkle dress in Wisteria by Capture

What exercise??  I am getting back into it today.  I can't handle not doing any.  I seem to focus on and handle everything better when I am exercising.  I absolutely love my treadmill interval workouts anyway so I don't even understand why I balk at doing them.  I don't make sense to myself so I don't expect anyone else to make sense of it, but if you do, I would be glad of some advice :)


I have also left Weight Watchers again!  I love the online support, but I find the support of my bloggy friends much better and a lot more motivating as well.  Another reason I left there was that I was looking back through a lot of my old "paper work" and discovered that I had a better run of weight loss when I was counting calories, so I have decided to go back to that as of today using Fat Secret (  FS is great for counting calories and just like Weight Watchers, there is online support, challenges, recipe builders, calorie counters etc.  It also has an iPhone application called Calorie Counter, which links directly to your fat Secret account.  The icon looks like this : 


The kids are all still sick on and off.    It started on the 6th of October with Christian and Ava, then Holly and Hayden.  Nothing for a few days and then Hayden was sent home from school last Thursday (13th) and he was sick through till Sunday.  Everything seemed back to normal and then Christian is up to his old poo and vomit tricks again today.  I am taking him to the doctors this afternoon to get him checked out, he has been effected the worst out of all of them.  Other than that everything is back to normal.  I am jumping on the treadmill in about 30 mins and I have been counting calories all day so overall, it has been a great day and a fantastic start to my new regime.


  1. I love the purply dress - that style is one that really suits me too.
    I posted today about my exercise last night and realised that it was fear that kept me from exercising - stupid as that is, that is what it was, but now I am over it I am back exercising again and I did so enjoy it. Good luck with the treadmill.

  2. I hope you don't mind me giggling at your conversation with the girls. That was cute.

    I love the 1st and 3rd dresses! Just think how now your kids will be so proud of you and happy when they see you fit into the dresses.

    Oh...and someday they'll have kids...and this will be a great conversation to remind Miss Ava of when her own child is brutally honest. :) *giggle*

  3. How good will it be when you are in the dresses!! The are gorgeous -nice nice nice.

  4. :( silly kids.
    Not very nice of them, but they do give honest opinions. Whenever I wanted an honest opinion of how I looked I always asked my little brother because he would tell me, straight up.
    I love those dresses! I can see how it would be motivating for you, as "goal clothes". I bought a size lower in jeans once though and it did not work out well for me. It did eventually fit, but it fit all wrong. Very unflattering and I never wore them.
    I had no idea you had 4 kids!!! Busy lady!

  5. Gotta love the honesty of kids eh! They made me giggle, and I hope you can giggle are gonna show them Jane, so keep at it!!! Love your dresses, you are going to look gorgeous.

    We haven't caught up in a while, I am still in a bad place food wise, and exercise come to think of it. Grrr to being stuck!


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