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We're All Going on a Summer Holiday

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I am sooooo excited!!  Hubby booked us a nice 5 night holiday this morning.  The only bad part is that I have to wait 9 weeks till we go.  Because I am such a nerd so excited I sat down this morning and made a list of what I will need to pack, including our meals.  

The only thing I want to buy before we go is one of those beach tents.  I burn hanging out the washing so the last thing I want is to hang myself in the sun allll day, plus I would like to have some sort of shade for our packed lunches - my goodness! I sound so sad, it sounds as though I don't have a life, but when I plan lunches for a holiday in 9 weeks.......well what can I say?? :)

This is what our holiday should look like 

This is what our holiday should look like at sunset

My goal is to lose 10 kilos before my holiday, that way I will feel comfortable in my board shorts.  They fit now, but are a kilo or 2 too snug for my liking SO, if I push myself, work hard, really focus on my food and tracking then I should be able to lose enough kilos to make my shorts baggy on me.  I prefer things loose rather than just fitting or snug. I know 10 kg is a big ask and I really don't expect to get the whole 10, but I am going to push myself as much as possible and do the best I can.   

This reminds me of Sammy's board short challenge for her Bali trip.  I think I will go and take a photo of myself in the shorts (not for public exposure though, too scary) and then I will take a photo the day before we leave for holidays.  There will be a big difference.  I was going to write hopefully a big difference, but Michelle Bridges says you are not allowed to use those words - hope, wish, try etc.  Michelle says you must state "I am, I will, I can."  Pretty good advice I think!


I have been working out, but not too much.  I cough most of the time and after about 20 mins I start to feel really sick, but as long as I can manage the 20 mins I will continue doing it and hopefully in a couple more days I will be able to increase the time to at least 30 mins.  I am thinking a trip back to the doctors is in order though, the antibiotics don't really seem to be doing much and it's been 4 weeks now.  I might ask for a chest x-ray cause I know there is already a lot of scarring from the pneumonia and maybe there is something else going on in there?


  1. YAY for having a holiday booked - I think it is great that you can get excited about a holiday even if it is 9 weeks away - it will go so quickly before you know it you will be on holiday. Any clues as to where you are going ?

    We haven't even booked our holiday for next year and I am getting excited at the prospect that we might be going on holiday !!!!!!

    I'm with you on having women with husbands who snore on the jury when we off our other halves with a pillow - if I was on the jury you would definitely get off !!!!!

    Take care of yourself - maybe another trip to the dr would be good to find out why you can't seem to shake this lurgy.

    Have a great rest of the day !

    Love, hugs and positive energy !

  2. That's so exciting!!

  3. @Me
    We're just going to the Mornington Penninsula in Melbourne - I think that's what it's called. It's only a couple of hours drive from home so no flights or anything - just the change in scenery will be heavenly and the place sleeps 9 so I am sure I can throw hubby into another room and he can snore all he likes :)

  4. Jane that looks beautiful!! I know that you will be able to do your challenge - you are a strong, determined women!! MMMM holiday, I want another holiday!!

  5. That is so exciting! Aw, family vaycay. That looks gorgeous! Ah, I wish it was summer here.
    No probs with your goal Jane, you can do it! Pneumonia is a jerk though...a girl I know had it and had such troubles breathing afterwards she could not do any physical activity for like a year. I hope you are a-okay.

  6. Yay for vacations!!! Good luck on meeting your goal. :)


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