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The Great Blogger Survey

Sunday, December 11, 2011

This fun idea is from Vanessa at Gourmet Runner.  I love any kind of survey, well, except for the ones where people ring you up and try to sell you stuff under the pretence of it just being a survey.  Here goes.......

How often do you update your blog?

I try to update 3 - 4 times a week, but sometimes I just don't have anything to say.  Also, I have other stuff I should be working on too which is often neglected because of my blog world.

How long do you spend writing each post?

Each post takes me around 2 hours, but that's because of the kids.  I don't think it's good parenting to completely ignore them and let them sit on the toilet for 30 mins waiting to have their bum wiped or let them roll around on the floor screaming for food while I write.  What do you think?

How long do you spend reading blogs each day?

I usually spend about an hour reading.  It really depends on what else I have on my to-do list.

What other social media sites do you use?

I have a facebook account which I visit every few months when I get abused by friends and family for not checking it more often.  I love Pinterest which is my late night addiction - I use it from my iPhone when I am supposed to be sleeping.  I also have a Tumblr account which I update every now and then and I have Twitter, which is more like my facebook, I don't use it very often.  I'm not sure if Daily Mile counts, but I have that as well, which I use whenever I workout to update my training session, but mostly because I like to see how many donuts I have burned off and not replenished at the Donut King.  Oh, I almost forgot Fat Secret.  This is where I count my calories and join in groups and challenges - love it.
What is the first blog you started reading?

I can not remember the first blog I started following, but the blogs I have been following for the longest are Sheryl Yvette (aka Bitch Cakes), Peanut Butter Fingers, Kazz's Journey (she has lost over 90 kilos so far - 198lbs), The Hungry Runner Girl and also Gourmet Runner, where I found this survey.

How do you read blogs? Phone/iPad, dashboard, Google Reader...?

I sometimes read from my iPhone, but mostly from the computer using my blog roll lists.

How many blogs do you follow?

I couldn't tell you how many blogs I follow, but I can tell you it needs some serious updating.

You're on a week-long vacation. Do you a) pre-set posts for the time you're away, b) blog every day on vacation, or c) organize guest posts in advance?

I haven't been on a vacation for 3 years, but next January we are going away for a week and I plan to just schedule some posts for the time I'm away.

Have you made money off of your blog?

No.  My blog is part of my journey, my journal so to speak.  It's for me to be able to look back and discover what works best for me.  I also use it (blog world) to find new ideas and inspiration - I have never been disappointed :)

Would you quit your job to be a full-time blogger, if it meant cutting your salary in half?

I'm currently a SAHM, but I don't think I would.  It's a hard question for me cause I'm not really in a situation where I can comment.


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  2. Always good to learn more about the people whose blogs I read - thanks for this !

  3. Thanks for doing the survey! I love to see how much time everyone else spend in the blog world (mostly so I can tell my husband - "See! I'm not the only one!") Ha!


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