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Sweaty Swim & Super Strawberries

Friday, December 9, 2011

I was up nice and early this morning, well early for me anyway.  I was at the pool and in the water by 6.30am and having a great time.  I loved the peace of the water and how it clears my head of any negative energy.  All you have to do is breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out.  Sounds so relaxing doesn't it?  Oh, I also have to move my arms and legs so I don't sink.

Although I do find the pool extremely relaxing, I still get quite the workout.  I am sweaty after a swim, but I just don't notice it because I am in the water.  Once I am changed and in dry clothes, that's when I notice the sweat perspiration, the glistening.  Who am I trying to kid? I sweat and like a little piggy too.  I love a good sweat, it clears out all those nasty toxins and makes your skin feel good.

The difference for me sweatin' on the treadmill vs in the pool is that I have rosey cheeks instead of a beetroot face.

getting ready for breakfast after my sweaty swim

*Super Strawberries*

Check this baby out.......

Look at the size of this thing!  Out of curiosity I weighed it....................

48 grams
48 grams for 1 strawberry, that is huge!  What am I going to eat it with?  What can I make to have with strawberries?  I know, nothing.  I decided that these berries were just too good to mix with something else so I chopped up a couple and ate them as they were and they were delicious.  The berries were fresh and juicy, they had that real deep, sweet strawberry flavour, they were just perfect.

*Fashionable Friday*

Today's fashion piece comes from my very own wardrobe.  It's a size M which I am guessing is a 12-14 (US 8 - 10).  I just think this is so pretty and I can't wait to wear it next summer.


  1. Aw Jane, you are beautiful after your swim.
    I miss swimming! It is one of my favourite things about the summer.
    That strawberry is gigantic.

  2. Oh you're lucky, you can swim properly. I can't, I wish I could it would be a great all over workout :D Wow that strawberry is HUGE, loving strawberries and cherries at the moment :D and speaking of loving, I'm LOVING that skirt, it's FAB :D

  3. Love the skirt!! Now that I've seen yours i remember I have one quite similar hidden in the cupboard - will have to see if i can find it!


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