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Birthday Fun

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

While reading a post called Awesome Month over at Peanut Butter Fingers I got the idea to look up some information about the year I was born.  I did a quick google search and ended up using a Birthday Calendar on the Paul Sadowski website.

I am not quite sure who Paul Sadowski is, but he does work in IT and his birthday calendar is really informative.

According to the calender, my Life path number is 9.  I also entered my husband into it and his Life path number is 1 which means that we "should get along well".  Unfortunately we aren't "most compatible", but hey, it's a lot better than "may or may not get along well" and "least compatible"

Other bits of very unnecessary, but sort of interesting information were :

  • I was conceived on a Sunday (or thereabouts)
  • I was born on a Sunday as well
  • I was born in the Chinese year of the Pig (now it all makes sense)
  • I am the Native American Zodiac sign of the Otter and my plant is the fern
  • I was born in the Egyptian month of Parmuthy, the 4th month of the season of Poret which means - Emergence - Fertile soil (maybe this explains the 4 kids - 4th month and fertile)
  • My lucky day is Saturday
  • My lucky numbers are 4 and 8
  • My lucky planets are Saturn and Uranus (this explains a lot - I am very childish)
  • My birth flower is the Iris
  • My birth tree is Poplar, The Uncertainty
  • The moon's phase was the waxing gibbous
  • In my year of birth the US population was approx. 203,302,031 compared to Australia with an approximate population of 13,198,380
  • I also share my birthday with :
    • Garth Brooks
    • Ashton Kutcher
    • James Spader
    • Charles Dickens (nice)
    • Chris Rock

There were some other famous people who I share a birthday with, but I didn't know who they were so I just left them out.
    Well, I hope you enjoyed learning all this useless stuff about me.  What does the calendar say about you?


    1. I love these sorts of posts. When I get a minute I am going to pop over to find out all about me and will post same.

      Have a great day !

    2. Happy Birthday! That was fun to read. :)

    3. Is it your birthday today???? Hope mama solis is treating you well and that you are coping ok!!! Hope it is OK, but I have three people wanting to join your million kilo team .. Me (Sammy), Debbie and Kim - let me know - no bother either way! XXX


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