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Friday, January 20, 2012

Welcome to Fashionable Friday!  I seem to be back on track with this - 2 weeks in a row now!  My clothing motivation today again comes from my wardrobe.  Don't be too alarmed, I will be wearing jeans with this as it is a top and not a dress.

It's hard to see all the detail, but it's actually a champagne colour.  You can just make out the black bow and if you look near the arm holes you can see the double layering - the top layer is open down the middle and all flowy and loose.  As soon as I saw it I was smitten and for $25, well, how could I refuse to give this pretty top a new home?

I am back tracking to New Years for Erika this week.  Check out her New Year's Sparkle motivation.  I love sparkle and I can't wait to wear something like it for New Year's this year, then again, that means that I would have to leave the house and go somewhere, hmmmm, what to do, what to do?  PJ's vs Sparkle?



Well I don't think it's a real frappe, but it's similar, I think?

It was delicious and made the perfect snack on a hot day.  I was craving a coffee the other day, but it was way too hot so I decided that the next best thing was a cold coffee.

Into the blender went :

  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 serve Jarrah Latte White choc-a-mocha
  • Lots of ice

This is what came out of the blender..........wait for it...........

It was so yummy and took a while to eat as well, which was a good thing cause my mind was prowling the kitchen for food, but once I started on this, I was a happy camper.

What do you do when the cravings hit.......

  • Do you give into your cravings every time, sometimes or never?
  • Do you try to make a healthier home made version?
  • Lastly - New Years - PJ's or Sparkle?


  1. You are using almond milk! Fantastic, isn't it!

  2. Your drink looks great! I find I have to save those icy drinks for the summer though, otherwise I stay cold for ages!

  3. Your drink looks and sounds so yummy! I've never tried almond milk but my mom has recommended it to me a few times. I love, love, love your top! When you reach your goal size you must post a photo of yourself wearing it.

    To answer your questions:
    I give into cravings sometimes, depends on my emotional state or time of the month...well emotional state! LOL
    I'm not much of an experimenter so I rather have a smaller portion of the "real" thing than a full portion of the modified "healthy" version. I try to drink a glass of water prior to indulging in something decadent so I feel "full" from the smaller portion.
    Lastly, I'm all for the PJ's. Since I'm crafty I would add a bit of sparkle to it. ;-) Happy Weekend!


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